I Hate March: Salad w/ Roasted Squash & Walnuts w/ Maple Vinaigrette

I know, this should be a salad you eat in the fall.

Roasted butternut squash with toasted fragrant walnuts..........a maple dressing..........seems like November, but it's not.

It's March. My least favorite month of the year.

March teases us with glimpses of new life, after a hard long winter of snow and freezing temperatures.

Beckoning spring to get its feet wet. Those first little crocuses popping up their pathetic little heads.

Everything is thawing and melting, but I know better than to put my coat and hat away for the season.
These past few days have given us a glimpse of spring! (though back to 25F on Thursday).

No local produce yet in the NYC metro area, but I am hopeful.
Maybe a stalk of rhubarb will show up at the markets soon.

Butternut squash is always in season, and I pick up a container of already cut up pieces whenever I see one.

I love this salad, it is adapted from Ina's recipe, but you know I feel about cranberries in a salad, ew, so I leave them out.

Salad of Roasted Butternut Squash w/ Walnuts & Shallots:

1 lb. arugula, washed and dried
1 package of already cut up butternut squash (or cut up one and don't be lazy like me)
olive oil & kosher salt for roasting
2 shallots (or half a red onion), sliced thin
1/3 cup of walnuts, lightly toasted
handful of dried cranberries (ew), if you must


1 tbsp of maple syrup
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp of grainy mustard
1 tbsp olive oil
pinch of sea salt & black pepper

Whisk up the dressing ingredients in a small bowl, and let the shallots or red onions sit in this for 15 minutes minimum. This will take the bite out and wilt them.

Lay the squash cubes on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle w/ kosher salt (about a tablespoon).

Roast in a 400F oven for 15 minutes, then flip with a spatula, and roast another 5-10 minutes until browning.

Lay the arugula on plates and top with the warm squash and walnuts. Spoon some of the maple shallot dressing on top and serve.

Think spring!


Tracy S said…
I am with you, March sucks.
Although I work in NYC and the farmstands have returned in front of City Hall! They don't have much besides apples picked who knows how long ago, but still, signs of spring!
Dorian Nieto said…
Comment dit-on Coïncidence en anglais ??? Je crois que cet article (http://doriannn.blogspot.fr/2014/03/et-soudain-langoisse-se-demande-mais.html) parle de vous et d'une curieuse de coïncidence !
Monsieur Animal ,-)
mil said…
Monsieur Animal's comment needs translation.. please.
Natalia said…
I used to hate March until my daughter was born - she turns 18 on Thursday (yay)! This salad looks tasty and I like the idea of adding maple syrup to a dressing - makes for a more interesting taste.

I too am looking forward to local produce. Am tired of buying produce that may have been sitting in some truck for a few days..
I love March because it's our anniversay month on St. Patricks day, go figure! But I hate this March, I had my car windows open yesterday and tomorrow they say 5 inches of snow again! I do love your salad though!
Stacey Snacks said…
Dorian says en Francais:

"How do you say coincidence in English?".
I think this article speaks of you and a quirky coincidence!".

"Mr. Animal"
Eileen said…
I'm thrilled. I have everything I need for this salad. It may very well be out dinner tonight. Winter is finally loosening its grip on Minnesota, and I will be outdoors much more than kitchen this week!
Miechambo said…
J'ai fait la même recette il y a quelques semaines et nous avons beaucoup aimé. Maintenant nous abandonnons les légumes d'hiver pour passer avec plaisir à ceux du printemps qui arrive.
Je viens de découvrir votre blog avec grand plaisir, j'y reviendrai souvent c'est sûr !
Beth said…
I hate winter, but I love the looks of this recipe. I'd try it any time of year!