Goodbye March Random Bites

Thank goodness this month is almost over.

I feel like a slug in a winter coat.

It's time to get back to work and healthier eating.

April 1, I promise.

We spent most of the month hiding out in NYC (you may have noticed from my instagram feed).

We saw a great Broadway play last weekend called The Realistic Joneses with Marisa Tomei & Toni Collette.

and ate a HUGE delicious piece of Coconut layer cake at Commerce in NYC.........

and delicious antipasti and focaccia at the trendy Rosemary's on Greenwich Ave..........

Great product alert:

My friend Rosemary dropped off this big bottle of Italian Volcano Lemon Juice for me to try.

It is made w/ 40 lemons per bottle. Organic lemons from the soil of Mt. Etna in Sicily. SOLD.

This stuff is the bomb. Great for cocktails and baking. Costco used to sell it, but no longer does, so good luck finding it (they also make blood orange juice!).

Stay tuned for an AMAZING lemon recipe made w/ it on tomorrow's post.

Oh yeah, and goodbye March (my least favorite month). Don't let the door hit you in the arse on your way out.


SarahBTT said…
LOL! I am going to be so happy to say goodbye to March! And I need to find that lemon juice...yum!
Bebe said…
Stacey (this will sound like a dumb question considering your history of knowing good food) - does that juice really taste like fresh lemons?

I have never found one that did. No matter how good the lemons (we have excellent ones in Southern California), anything bottled tastes bottled.

Meanwhile I find the best prices at Trader Joe's. Lemons are not cheap here. (Our home was built on what was part of a former lemon grove and we had three trees. When I was a kid I bagged the gorgeous lemons and sold them for 15 cents a dozen!)
Stacey Snacks said…
Good question.

I actually have never had fresh Meyer lemon juice, or Mt. Etna lemons, so I can not judge!

However, I can tell you, this juice is nothing like that little yellow plastic bottle.......I only use FRESH lemons and limes when cooking/baking/cocktails.

I will tell you that this juice gives a very interesting flavor to cocktails, very bright and real (read the reviews on amazon or other sites about it).

I will not trade it for fresh lemons, but I certainly loved it in vodka with my basil simple syrup (recipe on the blog tomorrow).

xo Stacey
Bebe said…
Thank you, Stacey. While looking for a source I stumbled upon this interesting article/review. You may already have seen it:
Natalia said…
Although my younger daughter is a March baby, I dislike March because it's not quite winter and not quite spring. This year she turned 18, so it was a big celebration for us (and her). I enjoy seeing your instagram photos of the NYC and other adventures although am looking forward to the amazing recipe you'll share with the lemon juice.
angiemanzi said…
Stacey, this juice is sold at my local Key Food Store, wonder of wonders, and it is amazing. Just a heads up. Thanks for your post.
gourmet goddess said…
Hi Stacey, I found this lemon juice in Costco yesterday ( here in Illinois) 2 for $7.59 and next to it was a pallet of Lime juice with the same company label- taking into account the ridiculous price of limes these days - maybe a good hedge for margaritas over summer.