Readers' Recipe Roundup

Happy Monday.

Since I don't have much to say today (that's a shocker), I thought I would share some photos of that insane Chicken Braised in Milk recipe made by the readers here!

This chicken has become an internet sensation, thanks to Jamie Oliver (and me!). I was even mentioned in the Huffington Post regarding this tender bird.

Here are some of the reader's versions:

This is Rose Marie's version from Sharon Springs, NY: She is an amazing Italian cook.

Here is Natalie's version from Summit, NJ:

Emily C.'s version: Phila. PA

Kristina's version from Martinsville, NJ:

Sarah & Al's version: New York City

Kate's version: Summit, NJ

Here is Glen & Leeann's version from Little Silver, NJ:

Tali's version from Indianapolis: She used coconut milk, instead of whole milk!

Marty's version: Boston, Mass. (always sends me photos of what she makes, one of my favorite readers!)

It makes me so happy when I receive photos of recipes that you have made from my blog.

It's good to know that people actually TRY the recipes that I post!

Glad everyone enjoyed.

I'll have more to say tomorrow.



mil said…
How beautiful!! And how wonderful that your fans take the time to show you their results.
They all look great to me.
Tracy S said…
Sounds like I owe you a bunch of photos! I haven't tried this but I use your recipes all the time. Our favorites are the Belgian carbonnade and your pasta primavera with bacon.
Jeanette said…
Oh this is fun!
We loved this recipe and next time I will send you a pic....I make at least 2 recipes from your blog per week!
Carole said…
How did I miss this recipe? I need to try it.
Rosita Vargas said…
Amo esta forma de preperar el pollo esta se ve magnìfica y absolutamente deliciosa,hugs,hugs.
I made this and it is fabulous. It does looks strange because the sauce breaks, but I used my stick blender and voila, a beautiful thing.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
Well this just reminds me that I haven't made this luscious recipe yet. They all look great, starting with that beautifully browned bird of yours.
Natalia said…
I too owe you photos. I've successfully made so many of your delicious recipes.

I loved this recipe when you posted it, but sadly didn't photograph it.
Sheila said…
I made this recipe on the weekend and it was delicious and very tender and moist. I only had some trouble browning the bird first in butter and olive oil, mine was sticking to the bottom of the cast iron pot and tearing the skin off. Maybe I didn't measure out enough butter/oil?
Love all your recipes, I look forward to getting each days post, and every single recipe I have tried of yours has turned out beautifully. Thank you!
Stacey Snacks said…
Hi Sheila,
Your bird stuck, probably because it was wet and too cold.

You should always pat your chicken skin dry before searing it, this goes for chicken parts as well.
I also leave it out at room temperature for a little while.

You also want the fat in the pan to be very hot before you put the meat in!

Thanks! Stacey
Great tips Stacey - one more tip. If your skillet is hot and you are cooking in cast iron it will turn loose when it is ready. Sheila may just be a nervous cook like me. I find it hard to leave it alone and let it do what it is supposed to do. I hope you or Sheila are not offended by my $.02.

Botany_Bill said…
I made this. It was phenomenal. It gave my husband and I a yummy dinner for a week. We used our emulsion blender for the sauce at the end and we peeled our garlic, but everything else was followed. We enjoyed it w/ mashed potatoes and ginger glazed carrots. Warm, yummy, winter meal.
Sheila said…
Thank you Stacey & Madonna/Ms Lemon for your tips! I was too impatient, I see that now, and I took the chicken right out of the fridge, washed it in cold water, patted it in a haphazard way, and plunked it in the cast iron pot which must not have heated up enough. Then I fussed over turning it as it immediately began to stick. Next time I will let the chicken warm up on the counter a bit first, heat up my oil first, and just slow down generally. Thank you!
This is a great post Stacey, I love how you featured your readers, that's such a great idea, I might just copy that idea. I gotta try that milk chicken, it's going bonkers!