Philly Phanatic

Did you know that we love Philadelphia?
Well, we do.

If you already follow me on instagram, then you have seen these photos already, and I apologize in advance.

Philly is a GREAT food city filled with culture and art.
The museums are wonderful and it's great for a quick family weekend getaway.

It's only a 2 hour drive from Manhattan and an easy walking city.

The food is what keeps bringing us back.

Not only are there fresh ingredient, farm to table, sustainable food restaurants everywhere, there are wine bars popping up on every corner, serving cheese and tapas for lunch, brunch and dinner.

Bring your appetite, there are not enough hours in the day to try it all.

This trip we didn't do the pork and rabe sandwiches or cheese steaks like last time, however, we were lucky enough to get a table at Zahav, Michael Solomonov's Israeli Middle Eastern restaurant, serving the best hummus and mezze on the planet. Ottolenghi would be proud.

We had so many small courses, each bite better than the next. It was too dark to take pics, so just imagine.
Next time, I would like to try the chef's counter, 11 courses and roast lamb.

On to Vetri Pizzeria. Marc Vetri's Napoletana style pizza place.

The pies were excellent and the salads even better.

Another night we dined at Vernick, a terrific restaurant with innovative cocktails and a simple, fresh, amazing menu.

We had the avocado & spicy radish toast, along with a bunch of small plates to share.

A homemade bialy with in house cured arctic char (they have my number), and in-house made pastrami on a cheddar biscuit with cauliflower sauce, amazing, at FORK for lunch.

and I had to get in line at Federal Donuts. Full disclosure: I am not a donut fan. I don't like munchkins either.
But these are a different animal.

You can order the "fancy" donuts that are glazed and in the case (if you get there before 10 a.m.), or get the donuts, HOT, to order all day long.
Why not try them all? Ok, I did.

Chocolate with sea salt, crumberry, vanilla spice, strawberry lavender.
No wonder there is a line outside.

Oh yeah, did I mention they serve fried chicken too? After 11 a.m., get in line for ridiculous fried chicken.
Henry was very happy.

We visited the beautiful Barnes Foundation, with 181 Renoir paintings, 51 Matisse, and 600 plus other impressionist paintings.
What a treat.

The people of Philly are always the nicest and it's my favorite little weekend getaway. They call it the "City of Brotherly Love" for a reason.

Make sure you go hungry.

Oh yeah, and a big kiss for you on Valentine's day from me, and a hug.

Hope you are all shoveled out by now.

Have a great weekend.



Susan Murphy said…
Being a Philly Girl!! thank you for that!!!! In the summer, I give free history tours and after each tour my husband & I hit one of these wonderful restaurants, you can say that why I love my tours!! I love Philly and yes the people are great!
Tracy S said…
woo glad you posted this! Lining up my must-do list for a trip to Philly.
Lisa said…
I look forward to visiting Philly every year for work. It is really a great walking city with wonderful food. Nice to have a few more places to try. I almost went to Zahav last time, now I wish I did. My friends son works at Fork, so glad to hear it got a good review from you.
Jess said…
I am dying to go to ZAHAV! Now I really can't wait. We have a hard to get reservation for next week.
I love your travel posts, Ms. Snacks.
Philly is only an hour drive for us, and we love the museums and sites too.
Casey said…
I went to college in Philly, and boy has it changed a lot since Philly cheesesteak days!
It's a renaissance, and it's fabulous!
Anonymous said…

It will be 84 here today...again.

Sending you all Southern California sunshine for Valentine's Day!

Stacey Snacks said…
That's mean!!!!
Happy Valentine's to you too.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love Philly. It's my old stomping grounds but there are so many new places always opening that I'd love to get to. Next time you must include Le Virtu on your tour of restaurants. Happy V-Day. Did you know the captcha code word today on your blog is Valentine? So apropos.
nonnie said…
Would love to find Susan Murphy when we come to Phila this summer. I grew up there.
Ginger said…
Thanks, Stacey, for the great suggestions on Philly. We are planning a spring trip there. Would also like to be in touch with Susan Murphy for a history tour. Thank you!
Terrah said…
Your post made me tear up! I'm a born and (Mostly) raised Philly girl, University City area. I live in Texas now and to say that I'm in a different planet would be an understatement, lol.

Philly has always had good eats but the foodie scene has become SO SOPHISTICATED in the time since I've left, even in the last 12 years since I've paid a visit. I'm overdue for a visit and I'd probably become overwhelmed quickly. Thanks for shouting out your Philly love!
Natalia said…
My husband and I love Philly and we often visit friends there. Haven't eaten in any of the places you've mentioned but have put them into my iPhone for future trips.

Question: what is crumberry (at Federal Donuts)?

Stacey Snacks said…
"Crumberry" was a mixed berry donut with a crumb topping.

I live here and am finally hitting Zahav for my birthday next month. I can't wait!

Federal Donuts, Vetri Pizza and Fork are frequent lunch stops for my officemates.