January Random Restaurant Bites

January is a weird food month.

There's nothing really going on post holiday season.

We seem to go out to dinner a lot this month because it is easier to score a reservation in the middle of winter than other times during the year at the trendy restaurants.

I guess the hip people are in the Caribbean or skiing in Aspen. Good for them.

NYC, Princeton and Cranford, New Jersey (yes) have been our stomping grounds lately.

We finally scored a hard to get res at The Nomad in The Nomad Hotel in NYC.

The #1 talked about dish in NYC is Daniel Humm's Roast Chicken for two.
Stuffed w/ a thin layer of black truffles, brioche and foie gras. A bit rich for your blood? Mine too, but I ordered it anyway.

Truth be told: This was the top 3 things I have eaten in my life, and I can't even remember what the other two are.

They bring the cooked bird to the table to show it off, then they dissect it in the kitchen.
A double breast on the plate, then a separate casserole dish with the dark meat that has been sauteed in a vinaigrette served with a soft boiled egg.


$79. for two (4 of us dug in), but I promise you, it's a memorable eating experience.

The dining room/library is beautiful, and the service was top notch.
Go for drinks if you don't want to cough up the big bucks for the bird.

Cranford, NJ.

You heard me right, I said Cranford.

If you have one restaurant to try in Union County (and believe me, Union County is not that exciting), go to 100 Steps Supper Club & Raw Bar.

I am not an oyster fan, however, there are plenty of other wonderful things to try at this special BYOB newly opened restaurant. 100 Steps is across the street from A Toute Heure, their other farm to table joint, which is very popular.

All charcuterie are made in house (liverwurst not to be missed), as is their fresh epi bread with caper dipping sauce.

The lamb rib chop and fried potatoes with blue cheese and crispy chicken skins were ridiculous, as was the chickpea chicken stew and homemade sausage coil.

Lots of tapas style plates to share in a fun, industrial setting.

Yay for New Jersey! Can't wait to go back!

More Princeton Bites:

Princeton used to be a wasteland for good food, but it seems to have the top NJ restaurants in the state these days!

We have been to Mistral 3 times now.
The place is amazing and serves in season farm to table tapas style plates.

This is probably my favorite new spot in NJ, and of course, NJ is the BYOB state (bring your own bottle or booze), so feel free to bring a few.

They make all their amazing charcuterie and sausage in house, and it is off the charts good.

LOVED the hamachi crudo and fantastic beet salad, as well as the prawn and andouille cassoulet (better than France, by far).

Loved the grilled octopus and the carrot cake w/ creme fraiche and pistachios.

The Stilton Creme Brulee w/ Fresh Figs was one of the best desserts I have ever had. Wow.

Do something to boost the economy in the new year! Go out to dinner!
I'll be back in the kitchen tomorrow, don't worry.



Clarence said…
I couldn't agree more! That chicken was off the charts! Amazing! Best thing I have eaten in a long time.
Robin said…
It ALL sounds and looks wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I've been to Nomad; just as wonderful as you described it. Can't wait to go back! 100 Steps is on my list; thanks for the tip! Beth
Anonymous said…
We tried Mistral a few weeks ago for lunch and it was truly the BEST restaurant I have ever been to in NJ. So special. We loved everything.
I love your restaurant bites, I always get to try something new! Next is 100 Steps. Thanks Stacy.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Everyone I know who's eaten that chicken at NoMad raves about it and it's high time I tried it, even though I swore I wouldn't eat fois gras anymore. I really like Mistral too and have been there several times too (including once with you missy), but other friends are disappointed that the portions are so small for the price. Next on the list is that Cranford restaurant. Who knew?
Now this post knocked my socks off. I'm dying for some of this food! Not a chance here....but thanks for the dreams! But in case you're feeling sorry for me...

I took my snow cat into a remote lake today, met pals, ice fished and ate home smoked elk and jalopeno sausages over a fire....drank some really bad beer and caught some nice fish for the smoker. I'd still love to have some of your post!
Patsy said…
Saw your posts from this dinner on instagram. You are right....AH-MAZING! Makes a Florida snowbird want to jump on a flight to Newark to partake!