Guiltless Florentines

Just because it's been a week of detox recipes doesn't mean we can't have some cookies.

Especially these cookies, known as Florentines.

They have no flour, no butter and no yolks.

I have not mastered the art of making them yet, they should be super thin and super crisp.

Mine were a little too thick and a bit chewy, but still delicious.

The original Florentines are made with butter (of course that's why they are so crispy!), sometimes corn syrup and heavy cream, and one side is usually dipped in chocolate.

These are a much simpler version and you can have more than one.

Recipe adapted from Ottolenghi.

Almond & Orange Florentines: makes 15 cookies

3/4 cup of confectioners sugar
2 3/4 cup of slice almonds
zest of an orange
2 egg whites

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and spray with cooking spray.
Preheat 300F oven.

Using wet hands (important), make little piles about 2.5" around and plop them on the baking sheet.

With a wet fork, try and flatten them out as flat as possible, leaving no gaps in between the almonds.

Bake 12-15 minutes (mine took 15) until getting golden brown.
Let cool and harden on the baking sheets.

Remove with an icing or fish spatula.
Store in covered container.

I had 4.


gourmet goddess said…
they look delicious and very healthy !!!

NDale1226 said…
These look yummy! I'll have to make them soon (or stop by for one!) :-)
Natalia said…
Mmmm.. can't wait to try these which look simple enough to make. I love recipes that call for nuts and few ingredients and aren't very time consuming. This looks like a little guilt-less pleasure - thanks!
RecipeGirl said…
They look really good to me!!
Anonymous said…
I love these. The ingredients are similar to the Pignoli cookies I make but I'm sure these would be less caloric since they use slivered almonds and not almond paste. I am trying very hard to lose weight this year but need my sweet fix every now and then. These look like they'll do the trick. I can't wait to make them and soon. All I need are the slivered almonds.
Laura Dembowski said…
These cookies sound great and look yummy too! Love that they are really crunchy!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Even if they didn't come out the way you wanted, I think they look delicious and pretty to boot.
AdriBarr said…
I've always loved Florentines, and these sound delightful!