Detox Week: Beets, Lentil & Walnut Salad w/ Egg of course

Let's lose 3 pounds this week.

I never really "diet", I just eat healthy, REAL, WHOLE foods all week long and indulge in a piece of cake or cookie whenever I want, because it's not a package of Oreo's or a Hostess Twinkie. It's stuff I make at home, with all natural ingredients, chemical free and good for you.

But during the holidays I always feel like I have overdone it.
Too many sweets, Christmas cookies and much too many glasses of wine.

So, I am posting the usual week of salads and good stuff. No desserts this week, sorry.

If you eat these salads and soups for lunch and/or dinner each night, without a sandwich or slice of pizza in between, I promise we will lose the 3-5 lbs that we gained.

Are you with me?

In my quest to make healthy meals post holiday season, here is a simple salad that stays well in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch too.

A good thing to invest in is a nice walnut oil. It really makes salads sing, especially when you are using the actual nuts in the dish.

Roast up some beets (400F covered in foil for 1 hour), then peel the skins and dice them up.

Cook about a 1 1/2 cups of lentils and add them to the beets.

Throw in a big handful of chopped fresh herbs. Here I used parsley, basil, lots of mint and chives (chopped scallions make this even better).

Toast up a handful of walnuts in the toaster oven (be careful they don't burn), and chop them up and add them to the salad.

Season with plenty of sea salt & pepper.

Drizzle some nice vinegar, red wine or white balsamic works over the bowl and add in a few tablespoons of walnut oil.

Mix together lightly.

To make this a protein packed lunch, I boiled a 6 minute egg and served it over the salad, while the egg is still warm.

Lunch is served.

Good luck!

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Katie C. said…
The diet started the day after New Years - ugh. I think I overindulged way more than you starting with our vacation back in September and I continued ever since then.

My guy and I are doing the "old" Weight Watchers diet which we've done before. Like you, it's a matter of accountability. Reining in the snacks, sweets and wine consumption. Portion control. I'm having soup and salad for lunch this week. Here in northern VA, the temperature is supposed to drop tonight. A lot of the country is already in the deep freeze - keep warm everyone!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Looks like a great salad - I live anything with beets. But where is that galette des rois? I was looking forward to your recipe after the photo you posted.
Debby in Tacoma said…
Hi there! Your selection today is chucked full of Weight Watcher's power foods and is right on for their new program "Simple Start" Thanks Stacey
Unknown said…
looks good to me. my body always wants soup and salad after all the over-indulgence. I didn't put any weight on this time though (there is a first for everything!)
Perfect! I'm detoxing this week and had a bowl of veggie beef soup for lunch. I ate way way too much!
Natalia said…
I'm in! I don't make New Year's diet resolutions anymore, because I noticed that when I do that, it's so much harder to lose weight. I allow myself sweets, cocktails and a lot more food during the holiday season and usually in the 2nd or 3rd week of January start really watching what I eat to take off the lbs.
I'm a big fan of beets and lentils so this salad sounds yummy! Will run out to buy the walnut oil too.
Amanda said…
Love your approach to life and healthy living! I am totally on board here. Enjoy your detox's sure to be delicious!
Eileen said…
I love any salad with an egg!