Leftover Love: One Bird

Oh Mr. Roast Chicken, I love you.

I love you because you are one of the things that I can make in my sleep (425F for 70 minutes w/ kosher salt & stuffed w/ a lemon and a bundle of herbs).

You are a delicious weeknight dinner for me when I am not in the mood to be creative.

You let me have 4 other meals from just one of you.

I love your crispy skin and your beautiful thighs......

Ok, enough of my weird poultry love poems.

Last night's roast chicken & broccoli rabe dinner made tonight's chicken, rabe and white beans.
Even better.

Here's how:
Chop up your cooked broccoli rabe into small pieces and slice up the leftover chicken.

Drain a can of white beans and rinse. I used half a can for 2 servings (save the rest for another meal).
Add the 3 ingredients to a skillet w/ some oil just to heat up. No real cooking is needed.

I also threw in some fabulous semi dried Italian cherry tomatoes for some zing and color and drizzled with some olive oil.


Here is my healthy lunch made with the same leftover roast chicken.

Toss the chicken with leftover veggies (broccoli here), quinoa, sundried tomatoes and carrots.
Dress with some lemon juice, olive oil and herbs.

Another yummy sandwich for lunch made with the same leftover roast chicken for the husband's lunchbox.
Cold roast chicken on good local bread, swiped with that delicious tomato jam from the last of my garden tomatoes.

So good.

And of course I have been stocking my freezer with chicken stock made from the giblets and carcass from the cooked chicken.

Go buy some chickens to roast!

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Katie C. said…
What size bird do you usually roast?
Stacey Snacks said…
Katie. I usually roast a 4.5 lb bird
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that, Stacey. So many recipes call for smaller birds and most that we see are in the range you describe.

In the olden days (!) roasters were larger birds. Then everyone started messing about with pigeon-sized chickens.

Glad to see the hottish oven temp, which I always used in the past. Once again I succumbed to what I thought was "new enlightenment", used lower temp for longer, and didn't like the result. So, it's back to the old way - which is your way.

It appears from your photo that you don't truss the bird. Or did you snip the twine before you shot the photo? I think the whole thing would cook better - more evenly - if left untrussed. Wings akimbo can be tucked in securely. ???

Thanks, Bebe
Stacey Snacks said…
I used to truss the bird and smear w butter, however, I don't bother anymore. A perfect bird every time!
Anonymous said…
Whoopee! Free again! Just pop that bird in the oven. Perfect.

Thanks, Stacey and the others

Natalia said…
Last month I bought a free-range chicken roaster & baked it. It was the best-tasting chicken I've ever had. I vowed never to buy a regular chicken again.

My husband claimed it was "in my head", so he did a test. He purchased a free-range chicken roaster and a regular roaster, baked both and had me do a taste test - yup, it definitely tastes different. The free-range chicken won out!
After seeing your original post on roasting a chicken I always do it that way, Simple, easy and dependable. By the way, your roasted turkey breast is just the same. Easy and dependable. Yes, moist and wonderful. Many thanks for these two.