The Day After

The Day After.


The Best Part.

I live for this day all year (and my first garden tomato!).

Turkey sammies made w/ local bacon, avocado, arugula & Hellman's, of course.


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Unknown said…
leftover day is the best (no Thanksgiving in the UK but Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, is leftover day). Why haven't I thought of adding avocado to my leftover sarnie? Thanks for the idea.
Anonymous said…
Fabulosa. After a good long run of finding nice avocados at market, I've been disappointed lately by a lot with brown spots and strings. You're such a big consumer of 'alligator pears' (the name Sylvia Plath toys with in THE BELL JAR, her stand-in character is poisoned eating one stuffed with bad crabmeat -, any tips on how to pick a winner?
Natalia said…
I've heard of the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich, but never thought of pairing a turkey leftover sandwich with avocado - great idea! Mmmmm...
Stacey Snacks said…
I agree with you...........lousy avocados to be found lately.

Spring is the season when avocados taste best, however, since I eat one a day, I must find them somehow.

There is a mail order from Calif, however they are pricey with the shipping and since they all ripen at the same time, I am not going there.

I have found the small ones in the net bag at Trader's from Mexico have been the best so far. The big ones at Kings for $2.49 a piece, are stringy and gross!

Stay away from avocados from Peru, they are awful!

My 2 cents.

I agree. The turkey sandwich the day after is the best part of Thanksgiving.
I'll be by to collect my turkey pot pie tomorrow.
Don't give it to anyone else.
Can't wait.
xo, Rosemary
Anonymous said…
Thxs Ms. Snacks! I'm at Trader Joe's every week but haven't tried their net bag yet. Produce can be iffy there but now I'll give it a try. I thought you must have a strategy with the number of avocados that show up on your blog - I'd be up for one daily, too, as long as they were creamy dreamy!