What's for Lunch? Sweet Potatoes w/ Avocado & Salsa

This was a lunch made from leftovers.

I had some leftover sweet potato from last night's stew.

I also had a half of an avocado leftover from breakfast.
What's a girl to do?

I was not sure about this healthy combination. It's a little unconventional.

Is it normal to pair sweet potato with avocado?

It is now!

Worth making an extra sweet potato for every time!

Here's how:

Slice a leftover, cooled baked sweet potato, removing the skin, into rounds.
(I bake mine at 400F for an hour).

Cut an avocado into cubes.

Place a small dollop of creme fraiche on each sweet round, and top with an avocado cube. Sprinkle w/ some sea salt.

How easy is that?

I spooned a little Hatch chili salsa on top, because I wanted some heat (and I am addicted to this stuff). Use whatever salsa you like.

Top with cilantro and eat.


Healthy and pretty too. :)

P.S. I'd wish you a Happy Halloweenie, but I hate Halloween, always have.

Bah humbug.


Natalia said…
The color combination is fab Stacey! This looks like a fantastic finger food when hosting a fall party, or even a nice lunch, such as they way you're describing it. A sweet and salty yummy meal - thanks for the great idea!

I'm not big on Halloween either, but seeing that it's my younger daughter's last year trick-or-treating (she's a HS senior), we will be giving out candy and enjoying it. Next year with both girls out of the house, we'll probably escape to NY or elsewhere.
Canuck Cook said…
I don't think it's a weird combo.
I would love to serve these as apps or just eat them alone!

It's a win win, both so healthy and delicious!
Hmmm...looks really interesting. I love sweet potatoes hot, warm or cold. Bet the cilantro adds a nice kick too.