Paris Cheap Eats

Good a.m.

Breakfast & lunch in our hood is usually cheap and delicious.
You don't have to spend a fortune to have a fabulous meal in Paris.

Remember Apicius last year? That was fabulous, but definitely a treat (you could buy a very nice handbag for the price of lunch, and I mean VERY nice).

But for most of the days, we eat at local places, cafes, bistros, and neighborhood places, nothing fancy.
The food is always fresh and good.

We have a bakery on the corner by our apartment and my husband goes downstairs each morning to buy a fresh baked baguette (nice and warm), a few croissants and a treat or 2 for when we get back in the early evening.

My choice is always the tarte pommes amandes, something with apples and almonds.

It's amazing that almost every bakery (boulangerie) in Paris has such a GORGEOUS assortment of pastries, quiches, breads and sandwiches. My head spins.

Just a warning: Paris is not very gluten-free friendly, so if you are lactose intolerant or don't eat carbs maybe this isn't your city. (However, my aunt just returned from a trip to Sweden, Finland and Norway and she said so many people there have celiac disease, therefore, a lot of gluten free choices!!! Go figure).

A quick late afternoon snack in a very decent cafe of quiche Lorraine, always comes w/ a salad and frites.
Always a good cup of coffee (cafe creme) and maybe a glass of wine. Under $30 for 2 (including tip).

We had a delicious meal at Christian Constant's Les Cocottes, where almost everything is served in a cast iron Staub pot (hence the name "cocottes").

They don't accept reservations, and the line was around the block to get in (mostly Americans waiting), it was late and we had no other dinner ideas, so we braved the line (rare for us). It moved very quickly, and we met some nice people in line while we waited.

Dinner with a bottle of fabulous Chinon, $80. So good!

And of course, don't forget my addiction to cheese.
Each cafe/bistro has their own selection, depending which region of France they are from.

Sit down, relax, watch the beautiful people walk by, and sip your wine or cafe and have some cheese.

Remember, we are here to eat.


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Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh I love it all - the pastries - yes the pastries. It's hard to know which to choose. All those delectable treats. And the baguettes in Paris are the best ever. I would love to be digging into that cheese and salad platter with a crusty baguette right about now. And you are there doing it!!
How lucky! Savor every moment of your last day(s) there.
Colleen said…
Stacy, I'm loving your Paris posts. I'll be visiting there in just a few weeks and I'm taking good notes off your posts! Keep 'em coming! I've got L'avant Comptoir on my list...I assume you've been there before? Curious of your thoughts of the place.
Natalia said…
Your Parisian adventure so far sounds amazing and I love your photos of the foods you've been indulging in. Yes, Parisian pastry is sinful, but I feel so totally worth it. After all, how often does one eat Parisian pastry in Paris?
Enjoy, enjoy! Looking forward to reading more.
Betsy said…
I love your Paris posts Stacy, thanks for taking us along!
So lovely to see you managing to make Paris work on a budget - my experiences have been rather more expensive! French food culture is amazing - I am so glad you are having a wonderful time...
Lori Lynn said…
"we are here to eat"
love that
really enjoying your french posts...