New Friends & Figs

For 25 years I have driven by this house in my town and always take notice of how beautifully manicured the front lawn is.

Always green, with flowers around the borders and shrubs pruned just so.

I occasionally see an elderly man mowing the lawn in his white undershirt and always giggle.

He has fig trees, and a lot of them.

I see them every year, they are huge, tall, hanging over the fence, ripe with fruit, teasing me from my car.

Yesterday, after 25 years of passing by, I decided to ring their doorbell and ask if I could buy some of those gorgeous figs (since I wasn't able to find any good ones this year, as you know by my lack of fig recipes this season!).

It was a very spontaneous decision. I found myself on the stone porch, ringing the bell.

An attractive woman answered, speaking Italian on the phone to her friend.
I introduced myself and explained I would like to buy some of her husband's figs, if possible.

Though I don't speak fluent Italian, I can understand most conversation, and she was telling her friend on the telephone "Qualche donna vuole un po 'di fichi" (Some woman wants some figs).

She immediately ended her conversation and invited me in.
I was escorted thru the house to the back patio, where a huge bowl (decorated w/ fig leaves!) was waiting just for me!

She said "they are not for sale, God wants you to share"

I could not believe her generosity towards me, a complete stranger.

We sat down and had coffee and chatted about her having just finished chemotherapy, and how her husband built their house 44 years ago, moving here from Calabria.

She gave me a wonderful Calabrian stuffed eggplant recipe made w/ pork and veal and invited me back another day for lunch.

I could not believe my good fortune!

This is all a true story.

Meet my new friend Rosa.

Have a great weekend. :)

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Ciao Chow Linda said…
I LOVE this story Stacey, but it does not at all surprise me. The kindness of strangers is everywhere if you open your heart.
I'll bet she gets a great fig dessert in return from Stacey Snacks!
Those beans on the table look great too. And your Italian sentence is spelled perfectly. I know you're secretly Italian, my dear.
Unknown said…
omg I love this story!!
gourmet goddess said…
just beautiful, looking forward to hearing more about Rosa .

Carrie Anne said…
I love it! and look at those gorgeous fichi! So nice of Rosa to invite you inside, sometimes you have to take a chance and go for it!
I am looking forward to some fig recipes (you are overdue!).
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing this nice story with us.

Carrie Anne
domenicacooks said…
This is so wonderful, Stacey. Sometimes you gotta go for it and just ring that doorbell! Thanks for making my Friday. Have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…

Love it!!! What a great story!
And a new friend, to boot. Her picture is lovely - and so is she.
Enjoy the gift of sharing.
Anonymous said…
I <3 Stacey Snacks!
John said…
Wonderful! In the greater Boston area, our local expert fig tree vendor is Italian, so I suspected your new friend was Italian when you described the yard and the mower. I see fun lunch parties in your future.
Hi Rosa! That's the best story ever, it was meant to be. Stacey will do those figs proud!
Debby in Tacoma said…
What an uplifting story and you Stacey have a memory for life. You're the best! Yes, Rosa gave you the figs but you gave Rosa time and interest in her passion of 25 years.
Anonymous said…
Great story.... I LOVE it. However, where is the recipe for the stuffed eggplant!!!!! Please, please share with us.
Jan Beaty said…
Stacey, great story, thanks for sharing! Jan
Amy V. said…
What a great story! Good reminder of the wonderful things that can happen when we step out of our comfort zone. Thank you for sharing - and inspiring!
Marie said…
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Marie said…
Me again. Can't type.

Wonderful story, Stace. Well done. It's amazing what happens when we cross that invisible line in our heads.
Foodiewife said…
What a GREAT story! You have a fig connection and she's Italian! Does it get any better than that?
Unknown said…
I Just did the same thing. I met a
an older couple with a Huge fig tree
They were very sweet,and said i can
pick when ever I wanted, I stop by
just to see them.
Anonymous said…
Stacey, I do believe, serendipity, if you allow it, is the best adventure. Lovely experience, lovely post, lovely Stacey. Congratulations on your new friend!
Angela Muller
Heartwarming, Stacey, inside and out! A perfect way to start the day. I'll bet we will be hearing more from this adventure.
Anonymous said…
Stuffed eggplant recipe?? Love it. Can't wait for you to post it so I can make it for my lovely wife.
Kathy said…
I love this story!
Natalia said…
What a great story - sounds like you & Rosa could definitely share some recipes with each other. How nice of her to give you some of the figs grown on their property. Looking forward to you possibly posting her Calabrian stuffed eggplant recipe - sounds yummy!
Lovely story, lovely figs. You will be fast friends for life. Henry will like them too. The people, not the figs.
Anonymous said…
I caught fig fever from YOU! At the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes yesterday, I had to buy both the tempting little basket of plump fresh figs, and the darling little package of dried Missions from CA. Somehow, I passed on the fig preserves. Where will this lead!?!
smorgan said…
Beautiful story! I'm not surprised though this is SO you. Made me happy to read. I agree, y'all will be friends for life! Miss you lots Sta!
Ann from Illinois said…
Beautiful, beautiful story. Food binds us all together.
I love stories where good people meet good people (and food's involved). Here's to big harvests and big sharing every year.