66 Square Feet, A Delicious Life Giveaway & Grilled Peaches

Have you met my other friend Marie?

Not the one from Chicago, but Marie from South Africa; who is married to a Frenchman; who lives in Brooklyn; who has an amazing garden on her tiny rooftop; who has a funny cat named Estorbo. That Marie.

I have been a reader of Marie's blog, 66 Square Feet, for a few years now.

She is an expert horticulturist and garden designer, as well as a thoughtful and poignant writer.

She cooks and makes drinks in her teeny apartment in Cobble Hill and we get the chance to peek into her daily life of foraging thru NY open spaces; gardening; mixology (gin being her favorite imbibe); and just her everyday life.

Her book came out yesterday, 66 Square Feet, A Delicious Life.

I was privy to an advanced copy and couldn't stop looking at it. The book is filled with beautiful photography and Marie's original recipes, a menu for each month and season.

Since peaches are plentiful in our neck right now, I decided to try her simple Grilled Peaches w/ Mascarpone & Amaretti Cookies.

These were stunners. So pretty.
Of course I had to add some booze to the recipe and mint for garnish. I served them warm, then ate them the next day, cold out of the fridge.

We loved them both ways. A top 10 easy dessert.

Marie's Grilled Peaches w/ Mascarpone & Amaretti: serves 4

2 ripe peaches (preferably Jersey free stone)
1 tbsp white sugar
2 tbsp of mascarpone (not MARscapone)
3 amaretti cookies
1 tbsp of liquor of your choice (Amaretto, Brandy or Grand Marnier), optional

Crush the cookies with the back of a glass to make crumbs and set aside.

Cut the peaches in half and remove the pits. Since my peaches had shallow centers, I scooped some of the middles out with a melon spoon so I could fill them better with the mascarpone.

Sprinkle the peaches with the granulated sugar.

In a non-stick grill pan, lay the peaches face down and cook for about 6 minutes without disturbing. The sugar will bubble around them and caramelize them beautifully. Flip over and grill the skin side for about a minute.

I mixed the mascarpone with some liquor (amaretto or Grand Marnier is yummy), but that is optional.

Fill the centers of the grilled peaches with the cheese and sprinkle with the crushed cookies.

Can be made ahead, but we liked them best warm.

Marie will be giving a copy of 66 Square Feet, A Delicious Life to one of my lucky readers.

Please leave a comment and a winner will be chosen randomly on Sept. 12.

Marie will also be signing her books and serving snacks and bubbly at Book Court in Brooklyn on Sept. 7, so please stop in and say hello to her!

Congrats Marie! xo

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Great dessert and lovely book!
Jenny P said…
Gorgeous Peaches! I love Marie;s site!
Katie C. said…
Estorbo thinks he should have top billing.

The peaches look great!
bigpilot said…
The peaches look great. I'm going to try that recipe on this block of days off I have. I'm looking forward to reading the book. Always interesting to see how someone makes the most of a small space and turns it in to a great garden
Rose Marie said…
I love that Marie is gardening in Brooklyn. Reminds me of my first garden of vegetables grown in styrofoam planters on my terrace on 80th street NYC .
The peach recipe sounds easy and delicious. I'll make some tonight.
Buona fortuna with the book!
lisakwinkler said…
Looks great! Love the peaches.
Christine said…
Love this, if I don't win it I'll be buying :)
Simple and delicious, I'm sure! Lovely recipe.
Unknown said…
I have never heard of this blog but thanks for the new read, should make my worday a little more interesting.

PS You need a cookbook!
Thanks for introducing us to the other Marie, she does amazing things in such a small space, very talented! Love the peaches!
V said…
marie's blog is such an inspiration for me. can't wait to pick up this book!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
What a glorious recipe for this time of year and I can't wait to peruse her cookbook and blog. Thanks for clueing me into her talents.
TaraC said…
These look fabulous! Bravo Marie! I am about to jump onto her blog now for some more inspiration...
Unknown said…
Looks awesome - I have been reading Marie's blog for a while and love it!
Ellen said…
I made a similar dessert once with honey, orange juice and almonds.
Also delicious!
Susan said…
This looks so Good!!!
Must check out Marie THanks
SarahB said…
Marie is one talented lady, just like you!! No wonder you two get along!
Peggie said…
You can't have too many peach recipes and this one looks great.
Marie said…
Thank you for this, Stacey - you did lovely job with those peaches. And yes, booze makes them better :-)

Bonne nuit.
I just made a peach crumble, but this sounds like I need to pin this winner.
TheJimBar said…
A little Grand Marnier on the side works for me too.
Anne B. said…
I love peaches! This looks so good! Thanks for sharing Marie's cookbook with us.
weeza said…
I was planning to buy some peaches at the local farm market this morning. Now I know what I will do with two of them. The book looks interesting.
Darlene said…
Garden everywhere...enrich your life and the earth!
Kathleen D. said…
This is a must try for me. I love your blog and the book sounds yummy. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Warm peaches - just the thought of it makes my taste buds do a jitter bug on the back of my tongue. Sorry don't have a url account so must go as anonymous.
Barbara Christopher

debbiew said…
Can't wait to try the dish. I love peaches and mascarpone cheese. I'll check out Marie's site too. Thanks for the inspiration.
Hope you have a happy, healthy new year too.
Anonymous said…
Till recently, I would never have thought of grilling anything but meat--thank you for continuing my enlightenment!

kimt said…
These look delicious...can't wait to try.
Kathryn K said…
cookbook looks great
afoodobsession said…
everything about that book is drawing me in..including Stacey's promotion of it..beautiful photography and accessible food, i love it..would love it in my cookbook collection
Gail said…
I want to eat this now!!!
Natalia said…
I've been following 66 Square Feet on Facebook for quite some time, never knowing that she is a friend of yours - how cool! I love Marie's photographs of various flowers and trees, because I myself photograph flora (as well as display them). Definitely will buy the book - I'm sure it's fantastic!

We have a party tomorrow night for some of our neighbors & I'm going to make the grilled peaches with mascarpone & amaretti. I too am a fan of drizzling liqueur on desserts - will be using Grand Marnier, since we already have some in the house. Thanks for sharing this terrific recipe Stacey!
Unknown said…

stacey - I have a complaint...we've not had a chance to share a meal and I want to change that.

this post is delicious writing
Anonymous said…
This book sounds terrific. Thanks for the giveaway.
Ha! Thats so funny. I literally have peaches here ready to make that almost exact dish for my blog but you have beat me to it!! Oh well...bet they were yummy and I shall still make them for sure x
Eben said…
I could always use gardening advice:). Thanks for the giveaway!
Erika Mori said…
Looks like an amazing book! Thanks for the intro to a new blog, Stacey!
Lisa said…
Perfect, we have a container of mascarpone and was wondering what to do with it.
Shannon said…
Would love to try more of Marie's recipes, please!
Anneliese said…
Delicious components, I`m sure it tastes as good as it looks.