Peach Caprese: Fruit Burgers?

Peaches are also plentiful in the Garden State (that would be NJ) right now, and are delicious.

There's nothing better than a ripe peach or nectarine.

I liked this version of a Caprese stack even better than the traditional tomato/basil/mozz combo.

and if 40 is the new 20, then mint is the new basil.

Figure about 1 whole peach per person and 2 slices of cheese per stack.

I sliced the peaches into rounds and layered them with fresh mozzarella slices (the kind packed in water).

Place a few fresh mint leaves in between the slices and drizzle w/ balsamic syrup (the thick stuff in the squeeze bottle).

Can be made 30 minutes before serving, but garnish w/ the syrup right before.

The kid next door said they looked like "fruit burgers".

He has a point there.

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Natalia said…
Yum! Peaches are my all-time favorite fruit of the summer and this is a terrific idea, combining fruit with cheese and herbs. I like the idea of using mint in place of basil - I bet that tastes much more interesting. Can't wait to try it - and looks so pretty in your picture Stacey!
Nice combination! I am glad these don't have ground beef in
LG O'Connor said…
Going to be making this one, too! Z