Hipsters. Brooklyn. Roberta's. White Jeans.

Dear Diary:

Brooklyn is only a 27 mile drive from my house in NJ, however, it seems like it is a world away.

So begins the story of a drive from the suburbs to Bushwick, Brooklyn.
A visit to Roberta's, the hottest pizzeria in NY, Brooklyn and even the country (check out the list here).

First let's determine what a "hipster" is:
Urban dictionary defines them as such: a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics....

My definition: Hipster is a hippie, like from the '70's, the guys who wore tie dye t-shirts, but now have more tattoos and usually are into food and music, age under 30.
Dress code: grungy, no suntan allowed, knit caps worn in above 80F degree weather.

White jeans:
I love them and look forward to the seasons when I can wear them, I even wear them after Labor day.
For some reason, not worn in NYC or Brooklyn.
Why not?
It's an unwritten rule. Reserved for the Hamptons or Jersey shore or Scottsdale, Arizona.

My credentials:
I consider myself a New Yorker.
Street smart, savvy and knows her way around the city, no map needed.
I love pizza.

Born in Queens, NY, lived in NY or NJ my whole life.

My grandfather 96 years young, born on Rivington St. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Original equipment.

My paternal grandparents all born and raised in Brooklyn. Mother and father from Brooklyn and Queens.
Stacey and Henry grew up in New Jersey. We love the Jersey shore. I have a North Jersey/NY accent, I say "DAWG" instead of "DOG".

Who are these people living in Brooklyn?
Not my relatives.

Youngsters from California and North Carolina and Montana. No original equipment here. Lots of pretty tattoos.

I have no ink. I wear white jeans in Brooklyn and NYC.
I drive a car, not a bike.
I wash and comb my hair.

I am not hip nor am a hipster.
I'm 48 years old. Can pass for 45 on a good day.

Do I qualify to eat at Roberta's? Yes.
Everyone is welcome.

I am scared of Bushwick and the route to get there.
It's dirty, industrial, I feel claustrophobic on the Williamsburg Bridge (my own issues).

And finally, I feel safe. I know I have arrived.

On the block where Roberta's is located (pioneers of the neighborhood), the word "organic" can be seen on most signs; there are cool natural health food stores; coffee roasters; a wine shop; cute dogs and girls in flip flops; lots of tattoos and hipsters (there they are again).

Draw open the celebrity red curtain with the big letter "R", and walk in.
I love the space, like going to a secret camp, very rustic.

No where to put my purse (a pet peeve of mine).
Fashion around town: dirty sneakers and clothes that look like they need a wash, no one wearing heels, like me.
I'm out of place here, but who cares, I am here for pizza.

No one is judging.

The suburbanites sit down at a farm table and order a fennel infused vodka w/ ginger beer (very good) and have a broccoli and cauliflower salad w/ bagna cauda dressing............yummy.

An heirloom tomato pizza with prosciutto breadcrumbs. Tasty.

A margherita pie and a roasted leek salad. All very good, even if it's out of my comfort zone (my own insecurities).

After full bellies, Grandma Stacey & Grandpa Henry say goodbye to hip Bushwick and drive back to Manhattan, where the average age is not 21, but 29. Where I feel more comfortable in my white jeans and the fashion police won't arrest me.

I officially feel old.

Thanks for reading.


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mil said…



Kerri said…
why is it that no one ever wears white jeans in NYC? I notice everyone wears dark colors, denim or black.

I took the L train to Roberta's, and stood in line. Thought it was very good, though I have had better.

I love how you write Stacey, so honest and funny. You look good in white jeans! :)
Anonymous said…
You are only as old as you feel.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and don't even recognize it anymore.

I guess gentrification of a neighborhood is good, but not when a dump, rat infested apartment now costs $2000. a month, when it should cost $400! Yikes!

I'm too old to be a hipster too.
Thanks for posting.
John said…
Dang hipsters! They all look alike to me.

Ms. Snacks is more NYC than the whole dining room of them hipsters combined. Some of them might even be Stacey Snacks blog fans.
Stacey Snacks said…
Mil, thank you for being my biggest fan, and John, somehow I doubt any of my friends/readers were at Roberta's Monday night! :)
Unknown said…
Ha I never noticed it before but you're right, no one ever does wear white jeans in Brooklyn! Personally I can't stand the whole hipster scene there (I'm 27, for what that's worth), but I do now plan to check out Roberta's one of these days.
Stacey Snacks said…
Stick with Razza, it blows Roberta's away.........and it's in your hood.

Your MIL is right, you need to write a book! Actually you could pass for 38, you look awesome in your white jeans. Just stay in your hood and eat at Razza!
Imagine living here and having to deal with it every day - I feel myself fossilizing and petrifying with each new batch of hipsters that arrive :)
Stacey Snacks said…
But at least you know you were there on the LES first.........a pioneer in so many ways. :)
Anonymous said…
angiemanzi has left a new comment on your post "Hipsters. Brooklyn. Roberta's. White Jeans.":

I live in Brooklyn, and I WEAR WHITE JEANS, and I am older than you by a good 10+ years Ms Snacks!! Furthermore, I don't care what a 20 year old who wears a knit hat in 90 degree weather says. Dude(ette) wouldn't know fashion from fiction! A pox on all those hipster typesters! Love your blog. Many thanks for the recipies and the giggles.

Posted by angiemanzi to Stacey Snacks at August 21, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Marie said…
Why do you think I am recluse?

White jeans also very welcome in Cape Town. Except for the Hipster parts of Cape Town, where the people from Brooklyn live.

Of course, now I want pizza. Thanks.
You have made me giggle. Great post :)
Anonymous said…
Count me as an a year-round white jean wearer. Have been for (self-deleted) decades.

On the far side away from NJ and NYC, but not as "seasonal" a dresser as some.

One of the chichi mags featured white jeans last Fall, as I recall. Pfft. Late to the party....

Keep on keepin' on, Stacey. Enjoy your writing and your open spirit (and your wicked tales of the community garden). Just sign e "not a very good committee person"...

Anonymous said…
PS. Just had cold pizza for lunch. Pizza for dinner last night - hard to decide whether it's best hottish or cold the next day. All good stuff.

Anonymous said…
The line in the sand is drawn in INK. And I'm firmly on your side of the line. Amused by your back-n-forth re:Dana Treats' chive tat - come on now, a MOMMY? A Harvard man's WIFE? Nice Jewish doctor's DAUGHTER? Yes, Ms. Snacks, we feel, and are, officially old. Keep me company - don't you be getting any ink on your nice white jeans!
Natalia said…
Love this entry of yours - you are so funny Stacey! I too wear white jeans in NJ, NY and even in Brooklyn, which I visited a few weeks ago. Need to try Roberta's - especially after your pizza description. You should definitely write a book - it would be a hit!
Anonymous said…
Love white jeans, too. Very So Cal(a la Ellen)
Elizabeth said…
Thanks for this post, Stacey. It was fun to get a little snapshot of you, a bit of New York and finally I have a better idea of what the heck a hipster is! I've never had New York pizza but I'm sure I'd love it as much as what I'm used to here in Chicago. And yay for white jeans ~ you go girl. They look good on you.

I don't ever have reason to be in hipster neighborhoods here but I get a similar out-of-place feeling from the evolved, organic, gluten-free-everything, Whole Foods crowd. Brings out the attitude in me, I'm afraid. I mingle amongst them rarely, in my Wranglers and cowboy boots, and ignore the curious looks.

You're a good writer, Stacey, in addition to your fine cooking!

Kathryn said…
I am from NJ but currently residing in FL, I love it that your from NJ and this post was great, how I miss the NE .
Ginger said…
Thanks, Stacey, for the uplifting post. Always enjoy your blog and recommend it to friends. When I next get to NYC, I hope I'll be able to gather some suggestions from you about special places to visit to make the city become more than I've seen in the past, limited to chic Manhattan through my ignorance of the many hearts of the city.
Anonymous said…
Love Elizabeth's comment about the Whole Food crowd. I feel like an outlier - so I stay away and stick to what makes sense to me.

As for the white jeans, we could meet on a street corner somewhere and know each other by our uniform!

Happy Thursday,

Anonymous said…

Check out the white jeans!!!
Stacey Snacks said…
Just read the article............we've been to Serafina in the Hampton's and white jeans is the UNIFORM.

She looks TOO skinny in the photos and maybe should start eating pizza again.