Heirloom Caprese Stacks

I'm sorry if you are tired of looking at my tomatoes.

I am flush with heirlooms in the MCG this month, so you will be seeing them for the next few weeks in recipes.
Please accept my apologies in advance.

This is a Caprese salad, but stepped up a bit.

I layered 3 different Jersey heirlooms (they are "Jersey" tomatoes cause they are grown in NJ soil).

I sprinkled some Maldon sea salt on each layer and a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese, the kind packed in water.

I tucked a small basil leaf in between each layer and pinched some of that gorgeous fennel pollen (if you are lucky enough to steal find it).

Dot some of that magic balsamic syrup and some homemade basil pesto around the plate.

Serve with knife and fork.


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Anonymous said…
I had a Restaurant Week lunch yesterday @THE DUTCH. A highlight - the gazpacho garnished w/cubes of watermelon and pickled chanterelles. Made me think of the summer I spent in Spain - I had gazpacho almost every day. Gazpacho - another perfect way for you to use your MCG bounty. Your stack looks pretty perfect, too.
Natalia said…
Love the presentation - not only does it taste good (which I'm sure of!), but it also looks fabulous!
I would never get tired of eating this, I know the flavors are over the top!
JS said…
I never get tired of looking at your tomatoes!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
It's a thing of beauty - a work of art for all the senses.