Cicchetti: Artichoke with Speck

I am obsessed with this book POLPO, featuring cicchetti (Venetian snacks).

I have made almost every single crostini in the book, except the pickled radicchio w/ cottechino (that's next if I can find that special sausage).

In Venice, cicchetti (pronounced chi-KET-tee), are little snacks, like aperitivo, and they are served in Venetian wine bars, known as bacaro, sort of like an osteria.

These little treasures are mostly served on bread along with wine, eaten after work, before you go home for dinner.

Sounds good to me.

Here, I made a quick snack of canned artichokes rolled with speck, which is smoked prosciutto from Northern Italy, flavored with juniper.

I added the basil leaf and piece of fresh mozzarella, because I can!

Next time, I would skip the cheese, it was a bit too big of a bite even for my mouth!

Sprinkle w/ sea salt & pepper and drizzle with some good olive oil just before serving.

Everyone loved these, and they were so simple!

Perfect for Friday night snacks.

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Anonymous said…
Just did a little tour of POLPO on Amazon and now want a Spritz. Have you been to Venice? I have, twice. July - hell, January - heaven. I'd love you to go and tell us all about it. Re: your big mouth. <> Sorry, I still get a kick out of this gross violation of the no complaining rule! Enjoy the weekend, Ms. Snacks.
Venice is my favorite city! Never had any of these snacks because I was traveling with a 12 year old. We did have our fill of their wonderful pizza!! Must check out this book
Karen said…
When we were in Venice we ate only at a Bacaro every night! The crostini and other small plates were so GOOD and enough for dinner with wonderful wine.

I want to go back! Thank you for the reminder, i will check out this book too.

John said…
Love Venice and all things Venetian. I hope you had a Veneto wine lying around to pair with your artichoke-speck cicchetti.
Oui Chef said…
Always looking for a clever little bite to go with cocktails and this one sounds fantastic!
Gorgeous! Stealing this one. I am such a sucker for nibbles...