July Random Bites

It's time to break out the grilling tongs and celebrate Independence Day and a nice long summer weekend.

Yesterday, I made my spatchcock chickens on the grill for a crowd (recipe here). It's the best way to prepare a whole chicken, just ask your butcher to butterfly the bird for you.
(My hands are very veiny, I know).

I am also grilling a 3 lb. wild salmon on a cedar plank this weekend......SO GOOD (easy recipe here).

Since I won't have any ripe tomatoes for a few days, how about this combo?
Fresh mozzarella with avocado and prosciutto.

Add some sliced avocado w/ bufala mozz, sprinkle w/ Maldon salt & pepper, drizzle with good olive oil and drape w/ prosciutto.

So delicious. My new favorite pairing.

My summer cocktail has been a Vodka Presse (I found the recipe in a Grey Goose ad!).

1 part vodka
1 part ginger beer (which is like a strong ginger soda, non-alcoholic)
squeeze in the juice of half a lime
fresh mint stalk
lime slices

So refreshing!

NYC Bites:

I love me a wine bar.
They seem to be popping up all over the city and Brooklyn (why not NJ????).

A wine bar is a place for "snacks", spuntino, tapas, small plates.

It's a great way to try new wines and it never seems to break the bank.
Always a great place to go with a group of friends or on a date.

I love Manhattan because you can walk by something that's been there for 6 years and never knew it existed.

This is the case with ZAMPA.

There is very little foot traffic on W.13th St., a block from the busy Meat Packing, in the West Village.
I was attracted to the pig on the window, so we went in.

GREAT salumi platter and bruschette.
The bar is long and very comfortable, conducive to drinking wine and chatting.

We had Sicilian caponata and some other snacks on a Sunday evening.

Service was super friendly, and space was tres chic.

Check it out.

306 W. 13th St.
New York City

The MCG is at its mid turning point.

The beets are almost done (I know you are happy about that!), there is no more spinach or broccoli or radishes. :(

Now it's time for bush beans, onions and garlic galore, tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes! Can't wait!

We harvested our first small yellow grape tomato last Sunday, as well as one pathetic potato.
What am I going to do with 1 potato?

...........and before I forget, the winner of the Greek Yogurt Giveaway is Denise Streit. Congrats.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

See you on Monday.

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Natalia said…
Great recipe suggestions today - thanks Stacey. Will definitely try out Zampa. My husband and I were so sad to see our favorite tapas place in the city close - Bar Carrera and haven't been able to find a replacement although we do like Pippa (in a different neighborhood though).

I agree with you - wouldn't it be terrific to see a good wine bar in towns like Summit, Maplewood and Madison? Would really liven up the neighborhoods!

I have had the avocado, mozz and prosciutto salad, but have added a splash of rice wine vinegar to mine.

Stay cool in this heat!
All of your recipes look delicious, but the avocado and prosciutto salad is going to be a must try! Fresh mozzarella just makes everything better! (and my hands are very veiny too!)

I hope you will link up your wonderful recipes at my Foodie Friday Blog Hop on A Room for Two with a View. I know my readers would love them!

Have a fantastic Foodie Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'm sorry the beets are ending. I wish I could have helped take some of them off your plate! My beets and tomatoes are looking mighty puny. Everything on this post looks gorgeous, especially that avocado, mozz and prosciutto salad. I want to go to Zampa some day. I have to spend more time downtown - most of my restaurants are in the Lincoln Center area. Did you know Zampa means "hoof?" xoxo
there are all kinds of magical perks for living in the country. But, alas, no wine bars. I remember meeting my son in NYC and jumping from place to place. So much fun. Great cocktail idea!
Anonymous said…
My hands became veiny over time. I had done some "hand" modeling in my 20s, so was distressed to see the changes. Then I remembered that my Mother's hands were the same - and her Mother's - and that all of us worked with our hands - cooked, sewed, gardened, tended babies and the not so young. Our hands were utilitarian and they were also comforting to many.

I don't worry about my hands any more. They are my merit badges.