Harvest Lunch

We harvested our first heirloom tomatoes this week at the MCG!

Big Rainbow & Black Krim.

I liked both varieties very much, however, I like a more acidic tomato, so I will wait to review the other 8 varieties we are growing, before I pick a winner.

We have a nice crop of big red onions and GARLIC!
Each week the MCG brings us a bounty (except our potatoes are not lookin' too good).

We also have haricot verts.

Both a beautiful purple and green.

Silly me, I did not realize when you cook the pretty purple beans, they turn green just like the other variety! boo hoo.

I guess I will just eat them raw.

Here, is a lovely lunch from our garden, along with some Calabrian Ventresca tuna, soft boiled eggs and olives.

No, I don't have chickens, so the eggs are from the store, as are the olives.

I sprinkled just some sea salt & pepper over everything and a drizzle of good olive oil.

I love summer.

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SarahB said…
BEautiful harvest!! Who even knew there were purple haricot vert? I guess the name would be misleading if they didn't turn green!
Stacey Snacks said…
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Stacey Snacks said…
You so smart, I guess that's why they call them "vert", cause they turn green when you cook them! :)
Natalia said…
What a great harvest - congrats Stacey! We too have been eating from our garden in NJ - so far only kirby cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, but there's nothing as good as freshly picked - especially if they're your own. Bon apetit!

I absolutely am crazy about the rainbow tomatoes. I like them mixed in with another tomato, but I can't let a summer go by without a plate of them. Your lunch looks so wonderful.
Hi Slim, what a lovely bounty! Loved the story about the green beans. Your eggs are as nice looking as what my ladies leave for me!!! Wish the MCG had more stories. I miss them....What will you do with your garlic scapes this year?????
Wow - so fresh and colourful. Thats a plate a food I would really enjoy! Summer rocks...
What bounty this year Stacy! I want your tomato, I can't believe how big it is!