Broccoli w/ White Beans & Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sorry to bombard you with 2 broccoli posts back to back, but we harvested the last of our broccoli from the MCG this weekend.

This was the second crop, since after I cut the first stalks, they grew back to grace us with another harvest!
The second time around, the stalks were thinner and smaller, however, they were more tender, and tasted like broccolini.

I steamed them for 2 minutes, then sauteed the bunch with lots of garlic and chopped onion, olive oil, some white beans from the can, and threw in some sun dried tomatoes.

Seasoned them with sea salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon and dove in.

What a difference it is when you use fresh broccoli, vs. the stuff sitting in the plastic bag all week at the supermarket.

Buy some at the farmer's market this weekend, and try this.

So good.

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Elizabeth said…
Hi Stacey: What kind of sun dried tomatoes do you usually use? In oil? Dried then re-hydrated? It's not something I usually have on hand so I don't know which would be more appropriate. Thanks!
Stacey Snacks said…
I always use sundried in oil from Italy

Natalia said…
Is that broccoli or broccolini? Your stalks look so thin & pretty. Can't wait to try this! LOVE white beans too!
Joanne said…
This is such a light and lovely refreshing summer meal!
Patsy said…
I love a broccoli plant that just keeps giving. Looks amazing!
There's that side dish I was eyeing, love it, making it!
Stacey Snacks said…
The second time around the broccoli harvest was long and skinny, like broccolini, however, it's just plain old variety.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
You guys have the magic touch with that garden of yours. This dish looks delicious and healthy and just right anytime of year.