Where's the Bread? Lettuce Wraps w/ Tuna

Still watching those carbs.
Blah, blah, blah.

I am trying to live without them, but I miss them way too much.

Good bread is my life.
It's hard for me to live without a sandwich for lunch.

Though I have to say, I have seen good results with weight loss, so it's been worth it.

I have lost 10 solid pounds, and didn't tell anyone that I was dieting.
I started on April 1, and the weight came off in 6 weeks.

Pasta and pizza on the weekends only. Alcohol only on the weekends. No eating or snacking after 7:30 pm (very difficult for me). Half an avocado everyday and an egg for breakfast. Lots of vegetables and fish. Quinoa and more quinoa. Greek yogurts w/ dates and nuts......

Everything you have seen on my blog for the past 6 weeks is what I ate and I swear, I lost the weight without being hungry.

My clothes fit me again, and I feel good.

Here is today's lunch sandwich, sans bread.

I made my usual tuna fish (Italian tuna packed in olive oil w/ Hellmans REAL mayo).

Added some chopped red onion, red bell pepper and dill.

Wrapped it in some Romaine lettuce leaves and lunch is served.

It was good, but in between 2 slices of whole wheat toast would've been better.



Katie C. said…
But how realistic is it to completely cut out a food group? When you revert to "norm", it's hello pounds. It's not fair that one's metabolism slows down as we get older. ;-(
Natalia said…
Congratulations on your weight loss Stacey! I too lost 13 lbs since April, mainly by curbing carbs and wheat products. I feel great and look better than I have in a long time. Now I'm primarily following the mediterranean meal plan - lots of nuts, seeds, olive oil, lots of veggies, occasional red wine, avocado, etc.

Your recipes are really inspiring - I love them! I have substituted lettuce for bread in many meals - have even got my family enjoying these fancy "wraps". Will definitely give your tuna recipe a try.
Gayle 52 said…
I have been following your blog for some time now, and I always wonder how you stay so thin, then I started cooking some of your recipes.

They are all pretty healthy and no artificial processed stuff, and I have lost 5 lbs. by sticking to the Stacy Meal Plan. I even eat some cake here and there and ice cream.

Thank you for your inspiration and healthy cooking.
Stacey Snacks said…
Katie C.,
I didn't say I cut out a food group, I just cut DOWN on the group.

Bread, pizza and pasta all weekend long! Just not for lunch and dinner during the week.

However, I do eat potatoes with my meals, I have just been eating healthier meals and probably smaller portions. It's pretty simple.

As my daughter says "wheat is the devil!" Most wheat today is genetically modified and creates havoc on our bodies. I'm trying hard like you to cut it out. One thing she told me to do which I love is to use a raw collard green as a wrap. It's sturdy, tasty, tender and it holds every thing in there perfectly. You can use t for tuna salad and so much more, great for lunch, give it a try they're really good I was surprised. Congrats on your weightloss gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
OK - but where did ya sneak slices of that Sour Cream Cherry Coffee Cake!?! Happy for you that you're slimmer and happy. I love bread too, but sometimes, I feel it's really comes down to being a 'habit'. If I plan ahead, and arrange healthier, delicious alternatives for myself, over time, I find I don't really miss it all that much. Again, the key is having those satisfying subs at the ready for when hunger strikes! ps are you planning a Jersey carbfest/James Gandolfini tribute for your readers, Ms. Snacks! Poor guy, look where those piles of pasta got him.
Hey, good for you. I know it's not easy to do, but you make it sound effortless! Now it's my turn! Did you eat all three of those lettuce sandwiches for lunch???
Unknown said…
We prefer to say we gave x pounds away because the phrase "lost them" tended to ensure we'd "find them" again....
Unknown said…
We've decided to say "We gave X pounds away." rather than "Lost" because that seemed to result in our "finding" them again...
Dana said…
Where did the 10 pounds come from? I'm struggling a bit with my body (nothing new there) so this is interesting to me. I'm not sure I can give up the nightly glass of wine, or two.
Good for you! I could use to lose 10 pounds but it is so hard in the summer. Love these tuna wraps!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Congrats on the weight loss Stacey. I was doing great before all this travel but I'm afraid to step on the scale. I'm going to follow your lead when I get home and maybe by Christmas I'll achieve my goal. brava.