Tuna Puttanesca w/ White Beans

We've put this sauce over just about everything.
Pasta, swordfish, chicken and now tuna.

Puttanesca comes from the word "puttane" in Italian, which means prostitute, or one who accepts payment for sex, you can call it whatever you like.

Who knows the real story here, except folklore says that in Italy, the ladies of the night made this for their customers, it was quick and easy (like them?) and they had all the ingredients on hand for a quickie.

We can be nice and call it a peasant sauce instead.

I bought some gorgeous yellowfin tuna, and decided to pair it with some puttanesca and white beans.
Everything I had in the cupboard for a quickie, except no one is paying me for...................

Here's how:

Tuna Puttanesca, Stacey Style: (serves 4, so double if you have hungry customers)

1 lb. high quality yellowfin tuna steak
1 small can of fire roasted chopped tomatoes (I used Muir Glen fire roasted w/ chilis)
15 oz. can of small white beans, drained & rinsed
3 anchovies
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tbsp capers
handful of good olives (any kind, Kalamata, Nicoise, etc.)
dash of hot pepper flakes (optional)

In a large, heavy skillet, heat some olive oil and cook the garlic and anchovies for a minute, then add the beans, capers, olives, hot pepper flakes and tomatoes.

Cook the sauce on low for about 20 minutes.

Cut the tuna steak into 4 pieces.

Season the fish with kosher salt & pepper on all sides.

Grill the pieces in a grill pan 1 minute per side (I like my tuna cooked medium, most people like it super rare), turning after each minute to coat all 4 sides (a total of 4 minutes for medium).

Remove the fish from the pan so it stops cooking.

Spoon the beans and tomatoes into shallow bowls and serve with a chunk of tuna on top.

No salt is needed since the olives, anchovies and capers give it a nice zing.

Enjoy and have a good night (wink, wink).


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Wow, what a great meal. The sauce looks fantastic and I like that it doesn't make enough to feed an army. You have cooked your tuna perfectly in my opinion.
Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS dish! I love tuna! and I love the puttanesca story!
This looks fantastic Stacey and so colorful too.
This sounds wonderful. Question - how do you store your leftover anchovies, and what is the shelf-life after you open them? I cook for 2 and sometimes 4, and I don't like to waste ingredients.
Love the idea of the tuna with the beans and sauce!
ting said…
Looks amazing!!
Oui Chef said…
I would absolutely pay you! For the meal, that is. Very Nice!
Claire said…
I made this tonight Stacey, and it was fantastic!
Thanks for your great recipes.
My family loved it.