Word of the Day & Pretty Beet Ideas

Ok, the asparagus is done, now on to beets.

I never knew or heard the word "locavore" until I started a food blog 5 years ago.

Hello, my name is Stacey ("Mrs. Snacks" to you), and I am a "locavore".
I've been called worse in my life.

I try to cook with what is in season and local, in case you haven't noticed.

I don't eat tomatoes all winter, waiting for that perfect July beauty.
Same goes for asparagus, only in May, and cherries and blueberries only in the summer.

Just because your supermarket is selling cherries in February for $9.99 per lb. doesn't mean you need to have them now. Wait, they will be here soon, and they will be worth the wait.

Eat local when you can. It tastes better. We grow plenty of great produce here in the U.S., in case you are living under a rock.

Since we are having such an abundant beet harvest this year at the MCG, I have to think of creative ways in which to use them.

I'm happy just slicing them and putting them in salads.

Raw or roasted, it matters not.

My favorite beet recipes are probably my Beet Napoleons, which were labor intensive but beautiful...........

and my very favorite Beet Carpaccio with Mint, so pretty too.

Here is a way to get any beet hater to like beets (Glenn!).

Roast them to sweetness (400F, covered in foil for 1 hour, then when cool enough to handle, peel and slice).
Place quartered beets (yellow, red and/or chioggia) with arugula and orange zest on a platter.

Place a piece of goat cheese in the center of the plate, and drizzle some balsamic glaze over and serve.

The next day, you can change it up by cutting the beets a different shape and size and scatter some goat cheese or mozzarella around the plate.
Sprinkle w/ sea salt & pepper and drizzle w/ good olive oil and some white balsamic vinegar.

Pretty delicious.

Tomorrow, we'll be having fun with beet greens!


Anonymous said…
BEET-u-ti-ful. And I prefer the sassier Ms. Snacks. You're a modern woman!
mil said…

You are an artist besides being a great cook. The pictures are gorgeous... Beets never looked so good!!! Thank you for the visual treat.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'll take any of those beet dishes Stacey. I love them all different ways, but never took a liking to beet greens for some reason. I need to give them another chance. Have you ever tried making beet chips in the oven? With your haul, it would be a nice way to use up some of them and store them for later munching. My beets are still teensy weeny. I'm impressed by the bounty coming from your garden.
Anonymous said…
Your Napoleons are gorgeous!!

Have you ever made / used beet powder? I'm wondering if it's worth the effort.....

x jess
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you when you write that it's best to eat those vegetables when they are in season. Eating a tomato in the winter isn't fun - and they taste fake too!

I love your beet recipes which you posted. We have beets growing in our yard as well, although only red ones. Where can I purchase yellow beets? Can't wait to try your recipes.
Hi Stacey, I have to ask myself, what is wrong with me? It's been too long since I visited your site and savored all your food insights and recipes. This chilly Pacific Northwest day is the perfect time to catch up. You are firing on all burners, love what you're sharing with us. Kudos Miss Stacey!
Anonymous said…
Love beets !

I could eat them every day.
I love me some beets! Haha, great post! That beet napoleon looks divine. Thanks for some local inspiration:)
You've got some gorgeous ideas there! I'm totally into beets, too. I love the crazy varieties I can find at my farmer's market.
Great ideas! Still winter here, so no beets....snowed last night.
Eileen said…
No beets here, either... Maybe someday. Your beets look wonderful! Send me some ;)
Dana said…
I love beets so much and Randy HATES them. I've tried just about everything. He will tolerate them cut very small in a pasta salad, but only the yellow ones. And he usually still picks them out. I can't complain because that is really the only thing he doesn't like. Doesn't Henry hate mushrooms? That would be tough.