Springtime Jeweled Quinoa Salad

This is so pretty, it looks like candy.

It was created from leftovers, really.

I always make roasted beets at the beginning of the week, yellow and red.
It allows me to be creative during the week for lunchtime salads and other fun things, and half the work is done.

Same thing goes for the sweet potato. I always bake an extra one when making dinner, so I can have it for lunch the next day (did you know sweet potatoes are considered a "super food"?).

Springtime Jeweled Quinoa Salad: (4 servings)

1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
1/2 baked sweet potato, skin removed and diced
2 roasted red beets, diced
2 roasted yellow beets, diced
3 Medjool dates, diced
handful of cashews (you can use pistachios)
chopped chives or spring onions (green parts only)
handful of fresh mint leaves, left whole

2 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tbsp honey
3 tbsp olive oil
sea salt

Cook the quinoa in the 2 cups of water for about 20 minutes, until liquid is absolved.
Transfer quinoa to a bowl and cool.

Add in all the other ingredients and drizzle w/ the dressing.

Best served at room temperature.



Joan Nova said…
Love this! The best meals come from leftovers!
Yes, it looks so pretty. I love using leftovers.
Joanne said…
I really need to remember to plan ahead like that more often so we can have more easy throw-together meals like these! Yum!
I love the cashews and all the colors, beautiful salad Stace!
Catherine said…
This looks delicious, but as I forgot to buy some sweet potatoes, I threw together an an ad hoc quinoa salad the other day which consisted of tomatoes, cukes, spring onions and grilled halloumi cheese with lime juice. Halloumi is amazing with quinoa. I finished off the rest of the cheese packet next day with the remains of the quinoa. Just cook the halloumi in some olive oil in a pan, preferable with ridges. Cook until brown. Squeeze lime over it just when serving.
Oui Chef said…
Brilliant and beautiful....way to go!