NYC Bites: Lafayette

Another beautiful, huge restaurant opens in NYC.

Lafayette opened last month, and it's already a hard to get reservation.
New Yorkers love a scene.

Andrew Carmellini (owner of Locande Verde), opened this grand cafe on a quiet stretch of Lafayette St. in Noho (Noho means "North of Houston St."), across from the Publick Theatre.

It is quite stunning, and reminds me of the grand cafes in Paris.

The menu is anything but traditional French. No onion soup here.

We started with deviled eggs w/ sable mousse and trout roe for $9. A little bite goes a long way.

Then a delicious butter lettuce salad w/ excellent French ham and a nut vinaigrette w/ Roquefort cheese, a bargain for $11.

Henri (I made him French today) ordered the pate maison with their wonderful in-house made bread.

A black fettuccine w/kale, cockles & squid, quite yummy, and my dorade (like a sea bass) over white beans with muscat grapes?
Sounds weird, but the sweet grapes with the smokey fish worked.

There is a rotisserie counter that turns out amazing chicken and duck. Next time we will try the Canard Frites (duck with fries).

My favorite part of this 200 plus seat restaurant is the bakery.

When you walk in, there are counters to sit and have a delicious croissant or macaron with cafe creme. Very Parisian.
Gorgeous breads and pane au chocolat to eat in or take out.

We bought a loaf of their fabulous bread to go ($8. pretty pricey for a loaf), and some treats to take home.
However, I did not try the chocolate saucisson.

A nice way to spend a Sunday evening in lower Manhattan.
Parlez vous Francais?

Don't worry, no one spoke French here either.

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said…
Henri remains one helluva handsome devil. I love Andrew Carmellini. From cookbooks & the net - I haven't been to any of his restaurants. A highlight for me - he had a risotto with seafood paella type dish in URBAN ITALIAN, and the golden glow of the photo just didn't match up with the recipe - there HAD to be saffron in there, and it wasn't listed. I sent him a brief email about this error, and about how I loved his book, and he emailed me back! Confirmed that I was correct and thanked me! Merci for the tour of Lafayette, Ms. Snacks - a manger avec les yeux.
Welcome to the creative cooking crew. This restaurant is a few blocks from my home
Anonymous said…
Definitely have to go there to try all the scrumptious dishes.

Bon Apetit!
ting said…
Looks amazing! Tats and I will definitely check it out sometime soon :)
Dana said…
If I lived closer, we would do a lunch date in the city several times a month. Love all these posts. You promised a visit to SF in the fall - still on?