Meet Me in Montclair

It's been a long time since I visited Montclair, NJ, and a lot as happened to this city since I've been in the kitchen and living life in suburbia 30 minutes away.

Montclair was always an enclave for artists and hipsters, but now it's like the Brooklyn of New Jersey (and Brooklyn wasn't always hip, believe me).

The once dusty antique shops I used to visit are mostly gone, taken over by food arts and young people with knit caps and tattoos.

Artisan bakers and BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants and farm to fork cafes are on every corner.

Leave it to my reader, Terri F., she emails me constantly with new food happenings and goings on in the NYC Metropolitan area.

I need to get out more.

Terri took me on a tour to a Montclair I have never been.
Lots of historical train stations and the little restaurants that surround them.

We started at Red Eye, and had a great lunch. Green eggs & ham or broccoli eggs and pesto on challah.....yes, please.

You can feel the love in this place. Everyone is part of the community and seems to be happy and friendly. Now there's a concept.

Their menu changes for dinner and they serve food till 10 pm.

On to Montclair Bread Co., where $5. gets you a gorgeous loaf of fresh baked bread made with ancient grains (spelt, quinoa).

On Sundays, people line up for Rachel's Nutella filled and maple bacon donuts. Worth the drive just for these insane treats.

Next stop to Watchung Plaza and a visit to Comfort Food Kitchen.

Suzanne Michaud is a French Culinary Institute grad and a well known caterer who opened a lunch and dinner spot (dinner is take out only) in an old shoe store in this once very quiet part of Montclair.

She has a fabulous big kitchen and offers cooking classes and delicious homemade food.

I can't wait to go back next week and do it all again.
I am hooked!


Tracy said…
Oo lots of fun places to check out, I have lots of friends nearby in Nutley. I love the Montclair Bread co, they sell at the NYC Greenmarket outside my office on Tuesdays and I always have to buy their peasant loaf, it's so good. I have to try the Nutella donuts!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great recommendations on Montclair eateries. A close girlfriend of mine lives in Nutley and we regularly meet in Montclair for breakfast or lunch. One of my favorite places is Toast (on Bloomfield Ave across from Whole Foods) - they serve terrific breakfast and brunch items. Another favorite is Dai-Kichi - a sushi place with super fresh fish! You are correct - Red Eye is one of the best breakfast places with a menu to die for.
Anonymous said…
I love what is going on in Montclair! Have you been to the new farm to fork place on Bloomfield Ave called ESCAPE?
It's very nice, BYOB.

Also Raymond's and The Stock Pot always a favorite. A cool foodie town in the middle of Essex Cty. Go figure.
Stacey Snacks said…
Anon #1:

I like the place above Dai Kichi Sushi bar, called UPSTAIRS in upper Montclair too..........lots of good stuff going on!

Patsy from CT said…
Terri F. wouldn't happen to have a sister named Kim F., both from Montclair, would she?
Dana said…
Sounds like Oakland, hipster city! We actually have a neighborhood called Montclair, just over from our house. This all looks like so much fun!