Roast Chicken & Bread Salad

If you are a fan of the Zuni Cafe Cookbook, then you know their Roast Chicken & Bread Salad is the most popular recipe in the book.
It is loved and admired by all.

I have been making it for years, but my own way.

Since I roast a chicken weekly, this is usually what I do the next day with the leftovers, however, feel free to roast the whole bird especially for this recipe, it's that good.

I sometimes use arugula, sometimes other greens, it's very adaptable to what you have on hand, but make sure you don't skip the currants, the tiny little raisin like things that make this dish special.

Use good peasant bread, preferably stale, like you would in a panzanella.
I happened to have homemade bread from Razza leftover, lucky me.

Here's how to do it:

Roast a 4-5 lb. chicken, your usual way.

I stuff mine with a half a lemon and a handful of fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage).
I squeeze the other lemon half all over the bird. Drizzle a little olive oil and season with kosher salt & pepper.

Ready to roast at 425F oven for 60-70 minutes. I don't baste it or bother it. It's perfect every time.
Let it rest 15 minutes and slice.

Make a dressing of 2 tbsp of red wine vinegar and 6 tbsp of olive oil.
To the dressing, add 1/4 cup of currants and 1 small clove of minced garlic. Whisk all together.

Toast up your torn pieces of peasant bread in a toaster oven and scatter over the greens with the sliced chicken.

Pour the dressing over all the ingredients and add some sea salt & pepper.
Toss until the greens and bread are coated with the dressing. You may need some more olive oil.

This is one of my favorite salads.

Lunch is served.



Sam said…
This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks and recipes. Zuni's is a little more involved, but I like your simpler version.
I love all of your roast chicken recipes!
Wow, this looks amazing. What a great way to use leftover roasted chicken.
I've eaten at the Zuni Cafe, but never saw the cookbook. Must get. This looks delicious Stacey.
AdriBarr said…
What a great looking and tempting sandwich. I have never made pickled onions, but now I want to give it ago. They are beautiful, and I bet they add some terrific flavor. Thanks!
Oh yum, this sounds so good! Never had this bread salad! Next chicken I roast will be at 425F, you sound like you got that down pat!
Eileen said…
I made this salad for the first time this winter. It is delicious... but the roasting chicken (a doubled recipe) set off my smoke detectors :(
Oui Chef said…
I have the cookbook but have never made this dish. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!