Good Morning Sunshine: Greek Yogurt w/ Toasted Quinoa & Dates

"Wake up, wake up, you little sleep head, get your little buns out of bed............." (it's a song).

Truth be told, I don't eat breakfast until 11 a.m.

Some would call this an "early lunch", or brunch, except "brunch" is usually reserved for weekends.

I just can't eat anything before that hour with my 2 cups of Goya coffee.

You have seen my breakfast of champions.

Whole grain toast swiped w/ mashed avocado & lemon juice, or a delicious scrambled egg of some kind with a vegetable and cheese thrown in the mix.

Well, today, I am a new woman.

I tried this odd sounding breakfast of toasted quinoa, over Greek yogurt with my beloved Medjool dates, and felt very pleased with myself.
I even ate it before 10 a.m., and felt energetic and satisfied until well after lunch.

It was originally seen on the Bon Appetit Cleanse for 2013 diet.

Greek yogurt is a high protein snack, with 13 grams of protein, and quinoa also is packed w/ protein and anti-oxidants.
So you can have this as a mid afternoon snack too, I won't hold you to the breakfast routine.

This recipe sounds very Persian or Greek to me. Maybe it's the pistachios added in, or the beautiful Mediterranean dates.

I loved this.
Maybe it will change my bad habit of skipping breakfast.

Greek Yogurt w/ Toasted Quinoa, Nuts & Dates: (adapted from Food52)

6 oz. of plain Greek yogurt (I used 0% fat)
2 Medjool plump dates, chopped
3/4 tbsp of quinoa
5 almonds, chopped (you can use more or less)
5 pistachios, chopped (you can use more or less)
a little bit of lemon zest
drizzle of honey for the top

Here's the deal:

In a small skillet, toast the quinoa dry on medium heat until you hear it pop like popcorn! It will smell nutty, then you know it's ready. About 3 minutes.

Toast up the nuts (I do mine in the toaster oven). Careful they don't burn.

Spread the yogurt in a flat bowl and sprinkle w/ the hot toasted quinoa and nuts. Dab on the chopped dates.

Sprinkle with some lemon zest and a drizzle of honey.

*note: the next morning I made this, I used Oikos honey Greek yogurt, only used 1 Medjool date, added more quinoa (about a tablespoon), and only the almonds, and I liked it even better.

Play around with it, and see what you like!

Enjoy and have a great day!


Ok, I have questions. I was told you need to rinse the Quinoa or it will be bitter. So if you toast it does that change the bitterness? I like the idea of toasting, but not sure how to work with it.
gourmet goddess said…
Hi Stacy, try the Fage 0%fat greek yoghurt , it is 23% protein per serving and strained ..... love it , it has a lot more body to it .

Stacey Snacks said…
I usually rinse quinoa and lentils to remove dirt or stones. But I did not rinse it this time. I'll try and rinse it to see If it changes the texture

Stacey Snacks said…
I have never found quinoa to be bitter
Anonymous said…
If it ain't broke don't fix it. Esteemed Marion Nestle ok'd not eating breakfast if you're not hungry. The traditional 3 squares a day helps many people regulate their food intake, but it's not for everyone. You're a laboratory of one. And your Persian daydream of a breakfast is a stunner.
Joanne said…
I need breakfast the second I get up OR ELSE. This sounds like such a great thing to wake up to!
My quinoa is all one color, not mixed like yours. I toasted some in a pan per your instructions and put it in my yogurt and it was like eating gravel.
Today I will rinse the Costco quinoa first and see if it is any softer.
I've never had a problem with bitterness either.
Have you tried Chia seeds?
Stacey Snacks said…
It's supposed to taste like grape nuts cereal (GRAVEL!).
But with the honey, sweet sticky dates and toasted nuts, it was a delicious bowl of goodness.
I have eaten it everyday for breakfast this week!
Even Hen loved it!

Well, this looks good, but I haven't been able to bring myself to try that Q. stuff. If you say it's good, it must be. Maybe soon!
Claudia said…
Egg whites and pico de gallo. Every morning. I think I need a change. I think this is it.
Lori Lynn said…
Really like the idea of toasted quinoa on yogurt. Will definitely try this.