Skinny "Fried" Pickles for the Birds

You must think I've lost my mind.
Fried pickles?

No, I'm not pregnant, but I sometimes crave pickles.

This is a popular Southern recipe, however I found a low-fat version on a lowfat cooking site, and instead of frying the pickles you bake them. I was quite excited to try this crazy recipe.

You make a lowfat dipping sauce with Greek yogurt instead of mayo and use cooking spray instead of vegetable oil.

Egg whites instead of buttermilk.

You get where I am going here?

Why did I even bother. I should have just given into my craving and fried the damn pickles.

This lowfat cooking is for the birds, and you know how I feel about lowfat mayo, don't bother.

Here is the original recipe for Fried Pickles if you want to enjoy them.

I am not going to post the lowfat baked version because they came out terrible.

A big waste of a good jar of pickles. :(


SarahB said…
oh I was so excited when I saw a low fat version of fried pickles!!! How funny!!!
Dana said…
I guess sometimes you really do just need to fry. I LOVE pickles - I eat one just about everyday. There used to be a restaurant in Seattle that served fried pickle chips, just the little round guys, and they were totally addictive.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, I was so excited to see a baked version of fried pickles. You see, I love them but hate dealing with large quantities of hot oil. I guess I'll just continue to get them when the restaurant offers them. That's great since I'm heading down south next week. Thanks for the heads up and keep on posting - we appreciate hearing about all your efforts!
Janet C. said…
Don't worry, Stacey! As we all know, everything doesn't always come out the way we would hope. I know I have had some really bad experiences in trying out new things but it's fun to hear about all your adventures!
Anonymous said…
You're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!
Oh, too funny! Sometimes it is good to go lowfat and healthy, but other times you just gotta fry the heck out of things! They look amazing! :-)
Foodiewife said…
Kudos to you for sharing recipe fails. I hate wasting ingredients on a recipe that doesn't turn out.
I've only had fried pickles, once. That was enough, for me. I rarely eat fried foods, unless it's good fish 'n chips or fries (in duck fat).
Anonymous said…
I live in Atlanta so fried pickles are abundantly available. But I detest frying. While I'm not positive this version would hold up as is, you can make delicious "fried" foods. I make so many things on my Pampered Chef cookie sheet. Preheat oven and pan at 475. Make your recipe, refridge (if you have time) for 30 minutes and then lay it on the very hot pan. My husband won't eat chicken fingers any other way. This pan is outrageous for reheating cold pizza (often better the second day when the crust is double crispy!). I will try the pickle recipe with some augmentations and let you know if it works. BTW - I read your blog, and only your blog. Every. Single. Day. I don't have time for those that aren't worth my while, your blog is. Thanks! (p.s. this is your friend who sent the homemade fig jam awhile back!)
Unknown said…
I'm with you, some things are just meant to be fattening! Either accept that or don't eat them - I can't do low-fat stuff, it's either disgusting or full of chemicals that are probably 800 times worse than good old fat.
Well, the pictures are pretty, as usual. I never buy low fat anything because no matter what they say, the taste just isn't there. Eat smaller portions, in my dreams.
Kathy said…
To funny.. love your recipe's!!
Although I never had fried pickles, the end result looks nice and crunchy just the way I like it, send them here!
Stacey Snacks said…
Anonymous from Atlanta!
Thank you for making my blog your one and only and also thank you again for the homemade fig jam from years back.