Pretty Pink Pickled Eggs

I have this habit of posting pink eggs once spring is here.

I buy pickled beets in a jar for this reason only.

You can make your own pickling juice from roasting beets and adding vinegar and sugar, but I like to eat the beets from the jar, then instead of spilling out the red juice, I pour it on top of warmed hard boiled eggs.

The longer you let them sit in the beet juice, the pinker they will be.
Here is my original recipe for yummy pickled deviled eggs.

The eggs get nice and sweet and are wonderful on top of a spinach salad, or eaten on their own, and for some reason people think pink eggs are exciting and special (because they are).

I make a filling of any type of good mustard and creme fraiche (you can also use mayo or sour cream, there is no science to this), and top them with sea salt.

You can use a piping bag or just spoon in the yolk mixture.

Then for the pièce de résistance, I top the eggs with some beet caviar, which is really just pickled beets that have been shredded!

These make quite a pretty site on Easter Sunday when deviled eggs are best.



Anonymous said…
Pink eggs for Easter - how very Episcopalian of you, Ms. Snacks! Guess what? Crate and Barrel has a cut rate version of your French salt cellar for sale ...
lisa is cooking said…
I love these pink eggs! They are perfect for spring.
Joanne said…
These are so festive! And a great use of htat leftover pickling juice!
Beet caviar! You are so funny!! These are so pretty.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I grew up eating these pickled eggs but rarely make them. I love your version with beets on top. Lovely bites.