March Gardening

Even though it's still March, and 35F degrees outside (the "F" is not for Fahrenheit, by the way), we went to the Militant Community Garden to plant our seeds, spread woodchips on the paths (mandatory) and till our soil.

Spring, can we get going already?

The Militant garden managers were out and about with their clipboards, but I stayed undercover and kept quiet (rare for me).

We used a gas powered tiller, and was afraid someone would complain about the motor noise, but the 5 people there did not say a word.

I think they were afraid of Henry and his power tools.

I looked around at the depressing, lonely, empty plots and knew that in a few months it would be a different story.

Look at this plot next to me.
How pathetic.

After cherry tomato season, we never saw these gardeners again. They let all their produce rot on the vine. What a waste.

They neglected their plots all season and left weeds to encroach into our space. It's winter and look at the tomato cages and dead vines. I am pissed. But on Sunday, I cleaned up their mess (for my own benefit), and now I can breathe.

(I think this place is turning ME into a negative person!).

Back to good things.

Today, we planted potatoes!


Carrots, radishes and beet seeds. I know it looks like nothing, but just you wait and see.

And, I have a question.

Mr Googootz, the 80 year old guy next to me, always has this jug of yellow stuff in his plot. Winter, spring, summer, fall, it doesn't matter, it's always there.

What is it?

I used to think it was sun tea, but now I'm thinking it's URINE. ew.

Let's talk in a few weeks, when I have something to show you besides a jug of pee.


Alicia said…
I love to hear about your Militant garden! We still have snow here in Western Mass.,but I'm hoping by my birthday (4-13)it will be warmer.
Yes I must say .....PEE! Left it there ,but doesn't know how to recycle the jug.......
Anonymous said…
The PLOT thickens...
I bet it is PEE! He probably wants to be PC and not pollute the ares. heehee Also some people pee around their gardens to keep deer away...
Bea in Brooklyn said…
I really hate when people neglect their plots at our community garden. They go on vacation and forget all about the tomatoes and produce.

They should donate the produce to food banks! So many people would appreciate the free veggies.

As for the "Sun Tea", I think it must be urine being used as fertilizer.

I love your gardening posts, and can't wait to see what you are growing and cooking with your stuff.

Stacey Snacks said…
We have a PORTA-JOHN, so I am sure he is not peeing in the jug.....he brings it from home, obviously. I guess it intensifies in the sun!

As long as he doesn't bring manure from home!
redleopard2853 said…
Well, so much for Organic Gardening.
Stacey Snacks said…
Isn't urine organic? I guess it depends on what he eats!!!!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Stacey - I have a plastic tub of horse manure that I keep adding water to for my garden, but it's brown and I've had it for several years,so it's not so strong anymore. But the color of the one you show makes me suspect that it is in fact human urine. In which case, it's not such a good idea. why don't you ask him?
Great job, I'm proud of you ! Speaking of which your dear H would be pleased to know that our garden is looking in better shape this year than last (not difficult I hear you say!)
Can't wait to see the pictures of your militant patch in full bloom
Tracy said…
This post was really funny....that definitely looks like pee...let us know what it is if you ever find out! Looking forward also to seeing the garden progress
Please ask the old fellow what's in the jug. I'm dying!

By the way, pee never kept the deer away from my garden. Now I spray the flowers with deer off every 3 weeks. The vegetables are fenced.
Tony thinks it's the water that drips from a compost, he's using it as ferilizer, sounds better than pee anyway!
sajtosbrokkoli said…
Is the toilet far away from Mr Googootz?
Marie hope you're right :)
Eileen said…
As you know, I'm very jealous that you will be eating produce from you garden before I even get into mine! And as far as the yellow stuff in the jug. I would stay as far away from that as possible!