Deconstructed Tiramisu


You will like this idea.

Tiramisu is either so good or so awful.
I never order it, because it's usually a disappointment.

My friend Marie from 66 Square Feet is a genius.
She made this tiramisu in individual terrines, and she didn't use a raw egg.

This was the perfect dinner party dessert.

I made individual parfaits, using different glasses, and I put them in the fridge for a few hours to chill up.

The secret is also not to soak the lady fingers w/ espresso, but to brush the hot espresso on the biscuits, so they aren't too mushy.

You can use any alcohol you like.
Marie used cognac, I used Kahlua. Some people like Marsala wine or Amaretto. It's all good.

And, if you are serving to kids and don't want to use the liquor, then use maple syrup instead.

Deconstructed Tiramisu: (adapted from 66 Square Feet): (makes 4 verrines)

1 container (about 6 tbsp) of Mascarpone (Italian cream cheese)
3 tbsp of Kahlua (coffee liqueur), or your favorite booze
2 tbsp of confectioners sugar
8 lady finger biscuits
1 small cup of hot espresso (I use a Nespresso machine)
dark chocolate shavings for the top

In a bowl, mix the mascarpone with the liqueur and sugar. Beat well.

Brush the biscuits with a pastry brush dipped in the coffee just enough to dampen them, but not soak them.

Fill 4 glasses with the mascarpone and place 2 espresso lady fingers in each glass.

Shave some dark chocolate on top.

Place in the fridge for up to 3 hours, or eat right away.



Anonymous said…
Loving your fancy tray & spoons!
Joanne said…
I refuse to order tiramisu either because it's SO hit or miss! I love teh idea of these cups though!
Sherri said…
I love this idea! I am making this for an upcoming dinner party!
and I also like that there is no raw egg. Thank you!