More Winter Random Bites

To get a head start on the Militant Garden, we started sowing our seeds in the garage under florescent lights.
This way we can have actual little tiny spinach, broccoli and beet plants to put in the ground once it thaws.

Great new product:


You love granola, but don't want the calories and gluten?
Try a snack made of 100% quinoa, wholesome fruits and nuts and sweetened with agave.

Crunchy and delicious. We loved this unique energy snack of cooked, dried quinoa mixed with whole dates and walnuts.
There is a banana flavor with big slices of dried banana, and vanilla almond flavor too.

Keenwa Krunch is available at Green Planet Food in Brooklyn and a few other natural food stores around NYC.

You can check out their facebook page and their website here.

Loved this delicious healthy snack.

Great Balls:

Voted "Best Meatball" in NYC, so we had to try them.

L'Apicio on the Lower East Side is a huge 180 seat beautiful space serving GREAT food downtown.
I'm not one for cavernous restaurants, I find them impersonal, but the food is the star here (we love Dell'anima, same owners but a nice tiny intimate spot).

and yes, the meatballs really were the best. We ordered the pork balls on polenta..........amazing.
We also had the rice balls (arancini) but the pork balls were the star.

13 East 1st St.
New York, NY 10003

I've been cooking a lot with fennel this winter. It's been my friend in soups and stews and I have been roasting it to serve with chicken.

Slice the bulb standing upright, keeping the root in tact (like an onion) into 1/2" slices. Save the fennel stalks for soup.
Lay on a sheet pan with thin slices of lemons, and whole kalamata olives.
Drizzle w/ olive oil and sprinkle everything with kosher salt.

Roast at 425F for 20-30 minutes until fennel is caramelized. Serve roast chicken pieces on top of the roasted fennel.
This stuff is addictive.

Another yummy find:

Sometimes I can't eat a whole yogurt in the a.m.
This is the perfect little snack and look at what's on the package!  It's a FIG!

Yes friends, fig yogurt w/ orange zest in a small container.
I love this stuff and it's only 100 calories.
(They did not send this to me, I found it on my own!).

Have a fun weekend!


Tara said…
What kind of soup do you make with the fennel stalks? I bought a bulb last week (braised in chicken stock with onions and garlic, nom) and now I have the stalks and fronds in bag in the veg drawer. I'd love some ideas on how to use them up!
Stacey Snacks said…
Last week I posted a chicken soup 101, using fennel stalks. It was fantastic, and is the only way I will make chicken stock from now on!

Brooklyn Boy said…
I love roasting fennel, it's the onlly way.

Those meatballs look insane, and since I live in Brooklyn, I will be finding me some of that keenwa krunch. Yum.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh my, those meatballs and polenta have given me a craving and that fennel too - one of my favorite veggies. I love it roasted like that. Will look for that keenwa krunch.
You must be in absolute heaven to find fig yogurt! That fennel looks great - I've never roasted it before and can't wait to try.
Dana said…
Try roasting peppers and grapes (sprinkle with herbes de Provence) with your fennel. I taught that as a side dish in one of my classes and people went nuts over it!
Anonymous said…
Just finished making Food52's FIG AND BLUE CHEESE SAVOURIES for an Oscar party we're invited to tomorrow. Figs - so of course I thought of Ms. Snacks! The savouries came out terrific. If you ever try them, I suggest you make skinny logs of the dough, freeze them briefly, and then slice your 1/8th inch rounds. Much easier than using a rolling pin & cookie cutter. Fig preserves are GOOD! I had never tasted them before. Received a nice jar in a holiday basket this year. Do you have a favorite brand?