ABC, 123, You and Me

Today's adventure takes us to ABC Carpet & Home in NYC.

A big old 19th century building converted into a multi level bazaar, filled with handmade china and jewelry, antiques and unique furnishings that occupies 350,000 square feet of retail space.

6 floors for you to explore, filled with wonderful things.

I could spend the day here, and I did.

Great crystal and housewares, one of a kind artisan pieces, stationery, chandeliers and cookbooks.

A feast for the eyes.

Located in a great neighborhood, close to Eataly in the Flatiron district. The Union Square Market is only a block away.

The best part about this building is ABC Kitchen.

Owned by Jean Georges Vongerichten, winner of BEST new restaurant 2011, how is it that I have never eaten dinner here?

Because getting a reservation is like winning the lottery.

So 5:30 pm on a Tuesday winter night it would have to be. Beggars can't be choosers.

This restaurant is one of the original "farm to fork" places in the city, sourcing all of its greens from its rooftop garden or the Union Square greenmarket a block away. Everything is organic and prepared fresh daily with a seasonal menu.

The restaurant is casual, pretty and large, with no pretentiousness.
Mix & match antique china with old silverware.
Little ranunculous floral arrangements (my favorite flower besides peonies) on each table.

The food is the star here.

Roasted carrots w/ avocado, sprouts & creme fraiche.
Homemade spicy sausage w/ roasted potatoes.
A whole wheat pizza w/ dates, bacon & ricotta.
Cavatelli w/ rabbit ragu.
Tuna sashimi in a ginger broth.
Kale salad w/ spicy jalapeno peppers.
A big hunk of delicious ginger cake w/ lemon icing.

and little antique demitasse cups filled with espresso.

There is a bar with plenty of seats for walk-ins without a reservation, so take a chance, service is super friendly.

If you have one restaurant to visit while in New York City,
Make it here.

ABC Kitchen
35 East 18th St. (between Broadway & Park Ave)
New York, NY 10003
phone 212 475 5829

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mil said…

WOWEE!!!! Looks fantastic.
Love the demi-tasse cups.
Everything is beautiful and the cake... yikes. what a combo.
That's for me!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You two ate all that? Hearty appetites and a delicious sounding meal. Love the demitasse cups.
Anonymous said…
Love the photo of Henry holding the teacup. Looks like he is in a dollhouse!
Lori Lynn said…
Love everything about it. it's on my list now too! You must have been in heaven.
Anonymous said…
This is on our list for our April NYC visit! Thank you Stacey, will try for a lunch res midweek.
Looks terrific!
Jen in Wisconsin
Patsy from CT (in FL) said…
This almost makes me want to wade back into the frigidness! Yum!
A whole wheat pizza with dates? Wonder what that is like? I love the picture of Henry with his little cup! The men in my family wouldn't be that appropriate!!
Eileen said…
ABC Carpet & Home -- my favorite place in NYC
Dana said…
I had THE BEST dinner there last June, the beets were worth the price of dinner alone. Next time I visit, we have to go there. I have never been in the store - probably would get in serious trouble in there.