Bon Appetit Cleanse: Kale w/ Tuna & White Beans

If you read the comment section on my blog, I have received a few comments as of late, that ask when am I going to post some "decadent" recipes, or recipes with "pork, bacon and more fat"? Why all the salads and fruit and "healthy" recipes?
I didn't realize I was starving these people!

Geez, did you forget we just finished the piggy holiday season?
Bathing suit season will be here before you know it (though it's 28F degrees today).

Hang in there, I promise to have a good cake and beef stew recipe on for next week, and if you are so hungry, then have a hunk of cheese. :)

Plus, I've lost 3 pounds in the past 2 weeks.

How did I do that?

I decided to be accountable for everything I eat (and cook), and am only eating WHOLE foods (which I do anyway).

I am desperately TRYING to drink more water (or at lease SOME water), since I don't drink it and I know I should.

I've been able to lose the 3 pounds even with going out to dinner.

I limit myself to drinking booze on Friday & Saturday nights only (or whichever night I go out to eat).

I eat a half a grapefruit for breakfast everyday and a salad or lean sandwich for lunch.

A very light snack of one cookie, or a handful of nuts or small piece of cake midday, and no eating or snacking after dinner. (My biggest downfall).

One slice of pizza instead of two.
Half a sandwich instead of the whole thing.
One cookie instead of 6.
You get it.

Bon Appetit Magazine has its annual January New Year's cleanse.
This year it's a good one.

They say omit alcohol (yeah, good luck with that).
Limit sugar.
Reduce dairy (I love my yogurt and cottage cheese).
Eat tons of fruits and veggies and lean protein.
Drink more water.

You know the drill.

I made this salad from their cleanse and I ate it 3 days in a row for lunch.
It is so good.

It's so simple to throw together and stays good in the fridge, since kale is hearty.

I will eat this even when I am not trying to lose weight.

Kale w/ Tuna & White Beans (adapted from Bon Appetit's Cleanse):

a big bunch of Dinosaur or Lacinato Kale (don't buy the prepacked stuff, it gets dried out)
1 can or jar of good quality tuna
1 small can of white beans (I buy the Goya small white beans), drained & rinsed

1 medium shallot, minced
2 tablespoons Sherry vinegar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
9 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cut the kale into thin strips and place in a big bowl.
Add the drained tuna and drained beans.

Mix up dressing and pour over salad.
Toss to combine.


PS I apologize in advance to "Mike in Phoenix", I know you are not going to like this one. :(


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I was sitting on the couch last night with my guy and a glass or two of wine watching the Biggest Loser. :-)

For me, the diet is about portion control...ok, ok, and wine control too! I can't eat grapefruit due to Rxs, but Fiber One cereal is low in calories and extremely high in fiber. Unfortunately, cheese is very high in fat. Have you ever weighted out one ounce of cheese? It's pitiful!
Delicious recipe, many thanks for sharing!
Mike in Phoenix said…
Hi, Stacey!

At least there's protein in the salad and I like tuna. I guess we'll see if I end up liking kale which I have never had. If not, I'll eat around it!

Looking forward to the beef next week!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I should take a cue from you on my eating habits (no desserts after dinner) Stacey, but I have little willpower. This salad will help. I love all the ingredients, although I rarely use that lacinato kale raw. But I shall start now.
Anonymous said…
I'm new to the Kale train and had it for the first time a few weeks ago (crazy right?!) in a minestrone soup, so I don't even think that counts! I can't wait to try this recipe though, it looks super tasty! Love your blog and am a now a new follower! :)
Susan said…
I'm looking forward to trying Anne Burrell's Tuscan kale chips recipe.
My sister made it and said it was fabulous!
Gotta love that kale!
Joanne said…
I've been meaning to go through the recipes for the cleanse this year and pick out some good ones! This one is definitely a winner.

I can't believe people are complaining!
Amanda said…
All of your recipes are knockouts, but these last two "cleanse" recipes are gorgeous. This is the best way to eat...beautiful, fresh food that makes you feel good and look even better! Love it. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is one of the best.
DebbieW said…
Keep healthy recipes coming!!!! I like the decadents too but only once and awhile. Otherwise they're not treats and I don't make them.
Thanks for your inspiration! Black kale is my fav type of kale. Love the salad.
Mollie said…
Thank you for sharing this, I am absolutely in the mood for it. I have never tried Kale. This sounds like a good place to start.
Grapefruit for breakfast? I copy you and I thought we were having avocado and toast for the first meal. Did I miss that update? Okay, I'll buy grapefruit tomorrow when I go to the "big" city.... but can't imagine limiting the wine to one night a week. Love kale, beans and tuna, so might try this one soon. Still loving the prune cake.
What no more cheese at night Stace? Are you still baking cakes after dinner? Moderation is the key, not deprivation which I always try and do and end up failing!
It's tasty! I ate the salad with some multigrain chips and a huge glass of water - very filling, but also light. Great recipe!
Andrea said…
thank you Stacey for this recipe, I didn't have sherry vinegar, so I used 1/4 cup champagne vinegar, 1/2 cup of olive oil, lemon, dijon and two Tbsp of honey.