Smoked Herring w/ Dates & Pistachios on Rye Crisps

I'm up to my old tricks again. Finding reasons to buy smoked fish.

Recently, I had an amazing smoked sable with cole slaw appetizer at The Standard Bar & Grill in NYC, and I can't get it out of my head.

You know how much I love smoked trout, smoked salmon, sturgeon and any other smoked fish. It's in the genes for sure (and no, I am not Swedish).

You don't have to go to Russ & Daughters for appetizing these days, you can find some very good products from Maine at Whole Foods or in the can at Trader Joe's.

Here is a little Scandinavian appetizer for your New Years or Christmas smorgasbord.
I would seek out a good rye bread if I were you, because herring and rye just go together.

You may think this is an unusual combination, but the flavors of the smoked fish with the sweet sticky dates and nuts just work perfectly, and that wonderful creme fraiche mellows everything out.

I loved this appetizer and so did the other eater in the house, who does not have smoked fish in his genes.

Smoked Herring w/ Dates & Pistachios on Rye Crisps: (for 12 appetizers)

4 slices of good rye bread, preferably w/ caraway seeds, sliced into thirds & toasted
handful of Medjool dates, pitted and chopped
1 can, or 2 smoked herring filets (I found them at Trader Joe's)
handful of pistachio nuts, shelled and chopped (cashews are great too)
creme fraiche
fresh chives and lemon zest for garnish

Toast the rye pieces in a toaster oven and set aside.

Chop the dates and nuts and meld them together to incorporate the two.

Drain the herring filets and remove the skins. Break fish into pieces.

Spread some creme fraiche on each piece of rye toast and top with a piece or two of herring and some of the dates and pistachios.

Snip fresh chives over all before serving.

Open a bottle of Aquavit and get the party started!

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Melodie Monberg said…
Oh that looks I just have to find smoked fish in my town...because this needs to be on my menu list for Christmas Eve!
Anonymous said…
Let your freak flag fly, girl! Enjoy Ms. Snacks, but you gotta admit, this concoction's a bit odd. OK, change that to 'adventurous'.
SarahB said…
Sounds really yummy! Somehow doesn't seem odd at all to me!
Looks so pretty on the plate. I love anything with dates. Sadly, there is no good rye bread in my part of Montana. Going to make your chutney...