Random Holiday Bites

Here is one of the most thoughtful gifts received this Christmas season.

My neighbor Valerie gave my husband a tray of homemade lasagne for the freezer, just for him, so when I have a miserable migraine headache (a monthly occurrence), he doesn't have to eat spaghetti w/ jarred sauce for dinner (she makes her sauce with pork and neck bones!).

I hope he shares.

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What a thoughtful gift for Henry as well as for you. You can rest in peace knowing he has a delicious dinner. I'm making a note of this for future gift-giving. Thanks Valerie.
mil said…

Wow!!! Now, THAT'S A GIFT to be really enjoyed. How thoughtful of Valerie. And how fortunate is Henry.

Merry day after to all.
Randi Lynne said…
What a thoughtful gesture. Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
"Not tonight, dear, I have a headache." - If my neighbor was as handsome as Henry, I'd be happy to, ummm, make him a nice tray of lasagna, too!
You have some of the nicest, most thoughtful people in your sphere. I'd imagine that's because you do the same things. This did make me giggle however. And I'd love to smell her sauce simmering.
Snakes are the important part of home food as mostly this is served to the guests and the people visit your home for some special purpose. Experiment with the pizzas is a nice thought for special clusters.
Missy said…
What a sweet gesture!!
Dana said…
That is so sweet! I need a neighbor like that. Or maybe we could be neighbors and take care of each other on migraine days.