NJ Old School: Belmont Tavern

This is what New Jersey is all about.

All the great places that your parents took you to when you were little, where they grew up.

Most of the parents of my friends either grew up in Brooklyn or Queens, NY (my folks), or Newark and the Oranges in Jersey (my husband's folks).

Brooklyn and Queens being hipper and more expensive than the rest of the universe, Newark and the Oranges have seen better days, for sure.

However, The Belmont Tavern, in Belleville, still has a big old school following.

I hadn't been to this place in 25 years and nothing has changed.

The same people are still there, same wood paneled walls loaded with photos of celebs and the food hasn't changed a bit.

The cast of characters at the bar are right out of Central Casting and the shrimp "Beeps" are still that good.

Belmont Tavern created "Chicken Savoy", that ridiculous platter of chicken with garlic and herbs doused in vinegar in the 900F oven, served family style.

"Gavadeel" & Pot Cheese (which is really Cavatelli), also known as "sinkers", still that good.

Sinatra & Dean Martin playing nonstop on the jukebox, and don't ask for Budweiser. Anheuser Busch pissed Jimmy off years ago and he won't serve any of their products.


Nice crowd keeps coming back for good solid food and a fun hospitable welcome.

"Go ahead, tell your wife to take a Christmas pin for her coat".

And I did.

When you go, be nice and don't piss anyone off.

Belmont Tavern
12 Bloomfield Ave.
Belleville, NJ

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all my wonderful readers.
You make this all worthwhile!

(I have a cake recipe on a rare Saturday post tomorrow, just in case you need 1 more dessert for your holiday menu!)

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Susan..... said…
I lived for pissing off Bellevile peeps every year during football season growing up. I am not sure how the rivalry started or when but it was such fun throwing all those "horns" about.
Thanks for the memory. Have a seasons end and a great New Year Stacey.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I've never been there, but you brought it to life. Love that you took a pin!
I love your restaurant reviews, you're the best! Happy, Merry to you and Hen! Hey isn't your Birthday soon? Happy Birthday to you dear Stacey!! xox
Anonymous said…
Stacey, you really grabbed me with that Chicken Savoy recipe. And here it is!



Would love the Belmont Tavern but we are on the Pacific Coast, so will have to be content with your prose and photos - and this recipe.

Looking forward to your Saturday cake...

Anonymous said…
PS. That Chicken Savoy recipe is Saveur's facsimile - the tavern wasn't talking - but except for the super hot oven, it sounds reasonable - and delicious.
Anonymous said…
One more PS. on that Saveur version of Savoy Chicken. AllRecipes has another version that omits the thyme and changes the vinegar to a smaller quantity of balsamic vinegar. Quite different. Hoping Stacey, who has eaten the real thing, will clear this up. I am inclined to trust Saveur as I think this recipe probably predated the balsamic vinegar thing in this country by quite a few years...


Stacey Snacks said…
If you click on the link of the word "chicken Savoy" in my post, it takes you to the recipe that I made, which originally was in Saveur.
rain said…
merry christmas stacey. thanks for another great year of recipes. you've converted me and my family to olive oil cakes : )
Debby in Seattle said…
Stacey and Henry: My day always begins with "Stacey Snacks". Regardless of the headlines, you are my morning cup of coffee. Thank you for your gift of sharing....a genuine gift for all of us. Bright New Year wishes for you and family. Debby
You make me homesick for New Jersey! Making 2 of your fabulous cranberry cakes tomorrow....so they can sit. Merry Christmas!
prjanik said…
What a great idea for New Year's Eve :) Tasty and easy!
Merry Christmas from Europe
Anonymous said…
Are they open the week before Christmas?