Holiday Green Beans

This is the perfect recipe for your Christmas ham or turkey, and a great weeknight side all around.

I have to admit, I had very low expectations for this recipe, since I am not a Pioneer Woman fan. I like her personality just fine, however, her cooking and recipes are just not my cup of tea.

She's more of a Miracle Whip gal, while I am more of a Hellman's gal, if you know what I mean.
She likes white bread, I like rye.

Would she and I be friends in the real world?
Probably not, but I certainly respect her as a person and am more than impressed that she is a household name and brand. (All from the humble beginnings of a little cooking blog out on a ranch in Oklahoma, hmmm, go figure).

It is against my cooking principles to cook FRESH green beans for 1 hour, therefore, I figured this would be a limp, grey side dish.

Not the case.

This could possibly be my new favorite green bean recipe of all time. No kidding.

A few ingredients and a big pot, that's all you need. I would triple this if I were you.

The secret is in the heat. Ree uses cayenne, but I like fire roasted tomatoes, that have a touch of chili in the mix.

Ree's Delicious Green Beans w/ Stewed Tomatoes & Bacon: (DELICIOUS and stupid easy)

2 lbs. of fresh green beans, trimmed
1 onion, chopped
8 slices of bacon, cut into pieces
14 oz. can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes (or a can of chopped tomatoes w/ a tsp of cayenne pepper)
salt & pepper to taste

In a large pot with a lid, cook your bacon until the fat is rendered, but not crisp.

Add the chopped onion to the bacon fat in the pot and saute a few minutes until onion is softened.

Now add the trimmed green beans and the can of chopped tomatoes.

Yes, folks, that's it.

Simmer with the lid on for 1 hour (I only simmered mine for 45 minutes, because I am a chicken!).

Season w/ salt & pepper and serve.


PS I know some of you were surprised that I did a post on food today, instead of the 2nd amendment, gun control, mental illness and the horror of this past weekend.

It's on my mind constantly these past few days, and is hard to smile and celebrate the season.

If you've noticed over the years, I never talk politics, or about social issues (gay marriage, abortion, religion). Hate it.

I respect everyone's right to their opinion, I listen and never judge.
All I ask in return is that you respect mine.

I thought maybe a little normalcy and some food might be a good thing this Monday a.m. I always try to keep it light and make you smile.

I hope you understand and are not offended that I chose not to write about it.

But I guess I just did.

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Anonymous said…
Every Armenian cook I've ever known makes some version of this. It is a staple. And it is delicious.
Anonymous said…
PS. Here is a fairly traditional rendering of what the Armenians call Fassoulia, but because this is home cooking, comfort food, there are a jillion recipes. Some call for ground lamb, but my friends always cooked it as a sort of vegetarian dish.

My Pennsylvania-raised Mother always cooked green beans with bacon, but no tomato.
Kate said…
I totally respect what you do was so glad to see a recipe on your blog today instead of a rant about bad politicians.
I know that you are thinking about the situation and the problems in society, though you never write about political and social issues, I know that you are very aware and caring about what is going on, it always comes thru in your writing.

Thanks for being there on a daily basis!

Melbourne Girl said…
When I was a little girl, we had Italian neighbours and they made a similar dish. Green beans in a tomato sauce. It was delicious and my absolute my favourite...but I've never been able to replicate it, no matter how many times I've tried.

I'll do it with bacon next time and see how I go. It is delish isn't it.

Thanks as always...your food is wonderful.

gourmet goddess said…
greeks have a similar dish , and believe it or not they cook for about 45mins to one hour and they are never soggy - but tasty and delicious !

a nice loaf of bread and some feta cheese is always a great accompaniment.

take care
Tina said…
I've made this before. Amazing how simple ingredients simmered a while morph into something so much more complex tasting.
Anonymous said…
Stacy, glad to see a recipe on your blog today, and everyday...and I love your random bites.
You are funny and very witty.

Keep writing about whatever you like, I will read it!
Joanne said…
I'm not a big PW recipe fan either (though I do admire her for her accomplishments) so I'm impressed that you liked this! Must try it.
Barbara said…
I'm with you on the Hellmann's and the rye bread - both favourites of mine! Some bloggers' posts are really annoying with their cutesy, juvenile way of writing. I'm a seriously grown woman ~ talk to me that way! I love your blog, I love the way you write and express yourself and I truly appreciate all your hard work and thank you for sharing your expertise with me.
Green beans are my favourite vegetable, and I always cook them with "a little bone" in them, so although the cooking time has me raising an eyebrow, I trust your judgement and will give them a try.
You've got my vote, Hellman's Girl!

I recently had an egg salad sandwich with The Whip.....loved it....but don't tell.

I've had green beans cooked forever in bacon, but not with tomato. Gotta give this a try. Thanks for always making me laugh.
Green Beans make me SOOOO happy! I especially love roasting them in the oven with just simply olive oil and salt - they taste like French Fries :)
There is a green bean and tomato dish very similar to this in Bittman's How to Cook Everything. When the book first came out years ago, I tried it. I too prefer perfectly cooked green beans, but I was surprised how much I liked his beans.

I'm also with you on rye and Hellmans.