Holiday Apps: Baked Camembert w/ Herbs & Honey

It's all about the cheese and appetizers this week.

When we were in Normandy this fall, we ate a lot of Camembert. It's kind of smelly if it's ripe and it can really stink up a room, so you have to like smelly cheese.

This way is a nice way to serve up the beautiful smelly cheese, and it makes a nice presentation, baked in its own wooden box.

Make sure you find a real Camembert, from Normandy, and with staples in the wooden box. The cheaper boxes are glued together and will fall apart in the oven.

Take the plastic wrapper off the Camembert and cut little slits on top of the cheese.
You can leave the top rind on.

Insert thin slices of a garlic clove into the slits and place fresh thyme or rosemary in the holes too.
There is no real science to this, it will all work out.

Drizzle on just a small amount of honey on top and another drizzle of olive oil.

Place the cheese back in the box (if it doesn't come with paper, then line the box w/ foil).

Bake in a 400F oven on a baking sheet for about 12 minutes, with the box uncovered (throw the lid away).
I promise your oven will not explode, and the box won't burn.

Trust me.

Remove from the oven and spread on delicious toasted baguette.

Easy and delicious!

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Unknown said…
This looks amazing and easy. I wish I knew about it last week when I hosted dinner for Hanukkah! oh well, next year!
Katie C. said…
Much better than fish. I'll be right over! What kind of wine did you have with this?
Stacey Snacks said…
You can drink any wine with cheese, a nice French white is always nice, or in this case, I think we had a Pinot Noir (I like red better). We had 3 different bottles, so who can remember???
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I am so happy to see this on your blog today. It gives me the perfect, easy appy for Christmas eve. Does that little red and white fabric come with it? And that goes in the oven too?
Stacey Snacks said…
Ciao Chow,
Yes, the red and white paper stays in the box. Only the plastic liner comes off.
Anonymous said…
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Food Storage said…
I’m pretty much long on everything these days. I think you have to be if you’re an individual in this market.
Joanne said…
My spine is tingling with happiness with the thought of the smell of this permeating my kitchen!
Anonymous said…
No offence intended! -
Garlic, rosemary, honey and olive oil! I bet it really smells wonderful in the oven....maybe next week. Doing your horseradish and bacon dealie tonight. Love the idea of honey and olive oil!! Have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
We're loving this cheese from TJs. Just made it and we're enjoying it with a SPanish arborino!
Thanks, Stacey and hope your holiidays are merry!