Skinny Beet & Carrot Salad

I love anything with the word "skinny" in the title (especially after yesterday's pistachio chip bars!).

I was always a skinny kid, even when I was in the 7th grade, I was tall and geeky, and wore extra slim pants. With my long hair, I looked like a real dork.

But I grew into my funny long nose (which is still too big for my face), and my cheeks finally grew around my funny pointy chin, and I grew boobs! Go figure, the "pirate's dream" (a sunken chest!), finally came into her own, senior year of high school.

Well, I kept growing, the "freshman 10", the late night drinking and eating, the parties, the fried cheese and potato skins with bacon and sour cream at TGI Fridays, and then just plain old age packed on those extra few pounds each year.

That nice flat tummy is now a nice muffin top, and my bras are too tight and it looks like I have back fat. Welcome to 48, and being a foodaholic sure doesn't help.

So any recipe that has the word "skinny" in the title, is most welcome.

This recipe is from the blog Skinnytaste, by way of my friend Sarah, who lost 35 lbs. on Weight Watchers and she is my idol.

She looks younger, and prettier than even when she was in her 20's, and she didn't sacrifice a thing with her meals. She ate whole foods and cooked a lot of beautiful meals at home (I have been told that fruits and vegetables are 0 points on W.W., except an avocado) and she just paid attention to what she was eating and ate HEALTHY (this is not an advertisement for Weight Watchers, I truly know nothing about it).

This is supposed to satisfy your craving for potato salad (which I will never give up), and of course I used full fat Hellman's mayo, cause that fake stuff is just weird.

Just make the salad, whether you are dieting or not. IT'S SO GOOD!

Skinny Beet & Carrot Salad (adapted from Skinnytaste)

3 medium sized beets (roasted or boiled)
6 carrots, peeled and cut into 2" chunks
1/4 white onion, diced
2 tbsp of lite mayo (I used full fat Hellman's)
handful of cilantro (do not skip this)
salt & pepper
squeeze of a lemon or a tsp of red wine vinegar

Roast or boil your beets, then peel the skins and cut into bite size chunks.

Boil the carrot chunks (would you believe I have never boiled a carrot, so didn't know how long?) in boiling water for about 15 minutes, until tender.

Mix the beets with the carrots and diced onion in a bowl. Squeeze in some lemon juice or vinegar.

Add the mayo and season w/ salt & pepper. Don't worry, it's ok if everything turns pink.

Garnish w/ fresh cilantro and either serve warm or chilled.

Delicious and if you use the low fat mayo, then skinny too.

You can never be too thin or too rich.
Or can you?

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Anonymous said…
Anything but beets!

WW is the way we are supposed to eat - good stuff - with portion control.

My mother has a theory that after a woman reaches a "certain age", your butt starts to shrink and returns as what you call your muffin top.
Anonymous said…

I am laughing out loud at your tale of aging. Wait till you're 84 and it will amaze you how things have changed since 48.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
Anything with beets has my attention, but you, beautiful lady, have to stop it! Would that we all had your trim body! Keep on doing what you're doing, because it suits you perfectly.
Anonymous said…
MIL's perspective is wise, but still, the 'changes' that hit us gals can smart. As I've disclosed, it's '50' this year for me. I can't believe how much my 3 teenage sons eat, and how little I eat to maintain my 124lbs. I know that's bragging, but with the gray hair coming in, the reading glasses on order, and my mood all over the place, I'm allowed a little bragging, right? I love your face - nose, cheeks & chin. But that gory photo of you clutching the skinned beet is scaring the bejesus outta me!
Oui Chef said…
You can be too thin and too rich, just look at Paris Hilton...ugh. Pink fun!
Dana said…
I've shared meals with you and you are gorgeous and trim. I love your love affair with food and none of us want you to suddenly become diet Stacey. I think you do a great job of balancing the healthy with the indulgent. Love beets!
Oh please! I would die to have your genes, you're 48 and look like you're in your 30's! You're beautiful inside and out and I love your obsession with food it suits you well! speaking of suits I saw a picture of you in your swim suit, HELLO! You're gorgeous!