Putting the Militant Garden to Sleep

I would make a good bear.

I am always too warm, I am always hungry and looking for food, and I like to sleep.

I could probably sleep a whole season, like a bear, and winter would be just perfect under my down comforter.

See you in 108 days, in the spring.

Well, it's time to put the Militant Community Garden into hibernation.

Yes, even after that miserable hurricane, we have spinach! A nice happy surprise.

We harvested all the spinach, which was not as big as our summer crop, however, it was tender and delicious mixed with bacon, hard boiled egg, crispy shallots from our garden and a hot honey mustard vinaigrette. Yum.

We found some nice red onions (more like shallots) leftover from the summer.

Time to cut down the asparagus ferns, which take up way too much room in the garden and produce way too little (we will have to rethink that next season).

Time to till the soil, rake the manure, and get the plots ready for spring.
(yes, that would be me, shoveling sh*t, and I'm good at it too).

Time to plant the garlic, which will be ready in June.

I woke up an earthworm, but buried him back deep in the soil so he can go back to sleep.

Time to plan and rethink what we really want to grow next season. The beets, broccoli and spinach did exceptionally well, and instead of 10 tomato varieties, maybe just 5.

Green beans are a must, but we won't bother with the carrots this time, they weren't that tasty, and probably a few breakfast radishes, so we can have them with butter and fleur de sel in the spring.

Lots of onions again, so I can give them away and make that amazing onion jam.

Maybe potatoes, yes, potatoes. I have always wanted to be a potato farmer.

Well goodnight garden.

Have a good sleep.

See you in a 108 days.

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Katie C. said…
Did you get all of your crops out of just that one (!) raised bed? We must have been doing something wrong with ours. What is your hubby planting?
Anonymous said…

Love your blog today. I always do but it was special and so are you and Henry. Putting the earthworm back to sleep got to me.

Peggie said…
You should definitely grow potatoes. We have grown them for years and they are so much better than those in the store. But grow red or yellow ones, not russets. And they go in the ground in spring as soon as you can work it - April where I live. Good luck.
Stacey Snacks said…
We have 4 raised beds, and yes, all of my produce came from those 4 beds.

We grew asparagus, garlic and onions in one bed, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in summer in 2 of the beds, and spinach, broccoli, beets and beans in another.

Since the vegetables come up at different times during the growing season, we are able to keep the beds planted and active with different crops.

Stacey Snacks said…
I chose Swedish fingerling potatoes in the Burpee catalogue.....they got a high rating....what do you think?

Ciao Chow Linda said…
You are an inspiration Stacey - You and Henry were terrific gardeners this year. -- And you look chic even spreading manure. You're reminding me that I have a bucket of watered down chicken manure that I need to spread on my garden.
Anonymous said…
I love this post, when is your children's book coming out???

Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey, Now you just need to get a couple of hens, and you'll be making that delicious spinach salad with not only your own vegetables, but eggs too! You've inspired me to get my own garden to bed this afternoon. As always thanks!
Lisa From Sag Harbor

What a tender post. I needed to be tenderized this am. Have a great weekend!