Jersey City Bites: Razza & Thirty Acres

Well, my wish has finally come true.

People on my side of the Hudson have finally opened restaurants with a vibe and AMAZING fresh local food to match.

Jersey City is only a 20 minute drive from my hood, and we don't have to pay the NYC tolls to get there! (though the parking is almost as bad as NYC).

There are some beautiful old brownstones in J.C., and it has a Brooklyn sort of feel. Lots of hipsters with tattoos and thick rimmed glasses, young people doing fun and creative things with food and art.

I missed that boat a long time ago. I was hip when I was 12, not sure what happened after that.

The old folks (that would be us), started their evening at Thirty Acres, located in an old pizzeria in a gentrified neighborhood with exposed brick walls and lots of light and openness.

The chef was the former chef de cuisine at Momofuku and everything is local and the menu changes daily. Their website is playful and they update it daily.

Some of the highlights were chicken liver pate w/ cranberry mostarda in a verrine (am I in Paris?), with toasted brioche on the side.

An amazing cavatelli with chorizo, apples, zucchini, mint and ricotta salata.

A gorgeous smoked quail with walnut bread pudding, homemade pickles and a beautiful whole black sea bass with lime and cilantro cream.

They serve an amazing brunch on Saturdays, and if I lived in the neighborhood, I'd be there everyday.

Thirty Acres
500 Jersey Ave.
Jersey City, NJ

Next stop for our second meal (you know me, I like double dinners) was the brand new RAZZA Pizza Artigianale, housed in the beautiful old Majestic Theatre.

This exciting place is owned by our friends Dan & Fred, who own Arturo's Osteria in Maplewood, NJ.
Razza translates to "pedigree" or "breed", for our Italian lesson of the day.

This space is hip and sexy, with high ceilings and black accents and mirrors everywhere. Candlelight and chandeliers with a big wood fired pizza oven in the back with Dan at the helm.

The wine list is special, with all wines from the Piedmont region of Italy (which I LOVE!), and Dan is up to his usual tricks.

We had the best farm pie ever, with onions and fennel and fresh mozzarella and can't wait to return.

Jersey City is the place to be.

Razza Pizza Artigianale (website coming soon)
275 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ

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Rania said…
Waww I've been there!!! it's a really cool place... I am glad that you are writing about it.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Thanks Stacey for the recommendations. You know my son lives in JC so now I have two more reasons to visit.
Kelly said…
I love your restaurant reviews! I have been going to Arturo's since you reviewed it years ago and love it, so will definitely have to check out Razza.
Also, Thirty Acres looks amazing! I am on my way!
Anonymous said…
Double dinners. Really?
Eileen said…
Wish I could get back to Jersey!
Stacey Snacks said…

Double Dinners. Yes, really.
Anonymous said…
Oh my God! Arturo's opened a pizza place in Jersey City? THANK GOD! cause I moved there from Maplewood! Thank you for the heads up!
Love your reviews Stacey! sounds awesome.
that farm pie has me drooling! Sweet picture of you and Henry. Reading your reviews of restaurants makes me want to trade the solitude of Montana life for all that comes with city restaurants!
Marie said…
Great tour. What IS it with that pate in the mason jar and the grill-striped bread? You can't walk ten feet in Brooklyn without stepping into some(and it's always very good). Hm. Maybe time to back to Fort Defiance...