HURRICANE FOOD: Chicken Breasts w/ Smoked Ham & Mozzarella

This will be the best fast food you will ever eat, and if you're on the east coast, and Hurricane Sandy hasn't knocked your power out yet (don't worry, she will), make this tonight.

Hopefully, you have already gone to the supermarket to get supplies, like fresh mozzarella and jars of tomato sauce (oh yeah, batteries and milk too).

2 things that are key to making this dish the best.

SMOKED prosciutto (also known as speck), Trader Joe's sells it in the package now (some German name, not Italian), and use FRESH mozzarella, not the shredded block stuff. Fresh basil leaves are also key (that's 3 things now).

I always have some good jars of tomato sauce on hand in case of emergencies (like hurricanes, because my gas stove always works with lighting the pilot by hand) and my herbs are still very alive on the driveway. Sandy will take care of that by tomorrow.

If your stove is working in the storm, make a pot of spaghetti and serve this over pasta.

If you are stuck inside eating bowls of cereal the next few days, then make this next week for dinner, when I've given you more time to prepare.

But if you are reading this, then maybe your power is still on.

Chicken w/ Smoked Ham & Fresh Mozzarella: (serves 4)

package of 4 boneless chicken breast halves (not the thin type)
2 fresh mozzarella balls packed in water
4 basil leaves
your favorite tomato sauce from a jar (I like Victoria Marinara)
4 slices of smoked prosciutto (speck)

Pour some tomato sauce in the bottom of a gratin dish.
Lay the chicken breasts on top of the sauce.

Pat the mozzarella balls dry and slice them into rounds. Lay 2 slices of cheese on each breast and top with a basil leaf. Season with a pinch of sea salt & pepper.

Now top with a slice of smoked prosciutto. Grind some more black pepper on top.

Bake in a 400F oven for 30 minutes. Serve over linguine or spaghetti.

Now that's fast and delicious.

Eat by candlelight, and stay safe.


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Susan..... said…
Don't forget your supply of wine, which will really make this dish sing and hopefully those candles will be for ambiance only. Stay safe and dry.
Joan said…
Hi Stacey, I can't seem to Pin your recipes. I've tried several times but they don't transfer to the Pinterest site. Help!!
Anonymous said…
I can get my stovetop burners working w/matches, but have never figured out how to fire up the oven - have you? We also keep our hot water when the power's out - so it's just terrible, not awful. What really scares me are the trees. We spent $10,000 clearing our yard of many beautiful old oaks that hung over the house and dropped terrifying limbs periodically. So our property's ok, but my surrounding hood is riddled with enormous trees way past their prime. I duck while typing this...
lisa is cooking said…
Thinking of you all on the east coast and hoping Sandy is kind! Love the idea of serving this over pasta.
Marla said…
Hope you don't have damage or problems from the storm. My sis is in the city so I'm pretty tuned in even here in Durango, CO. Love the blog. I made the Jim Lahey pizza last week. Delish and easy. Thanks for sharing!
Marie said…
My mouth is watering. Looks wonderful.

Tonight will be pork loin roasted with bacon and sage.
Christine said…
Hope you survive unscathed with driveway herbs intact. Delicious recipe. Take care!
Amanda said…
Thanks for taking the time to share this little inspiration with the rest of us, even in the midst of a crisis. Your blog is awesome--I've just added it to my bookmarks. I can't wait to start cooking! And, thank you for insisting we add the anchovy to our broccoli. Totally inspired.
Thinking of you during this storm. Don't worry. The power trucks are on their way. They are the best site in the world.

This dish is amazing. Hope you remembered to eat your ice cream before the power went out :)
Mollie said…
That sounds like a great recipe. Stay safe with the weather on the East coast!
Just dropping by to say hello and hope things are improving and you'll be back soon. Everyone is in my thought and prayers.