Plenty's Zucchini & Hazelnut Salad

I will miss all the summer produce, and the recipes that go with it.

I won't eat a tomato or zucchini until next year, I am serious (except maybe a cherry tomato). I am trying to be the best locavore I can be, though living in NJ does not allow for a lot of local produce during the winter, and I don't have a root cellar (now there's an idea!).

So here's the last zucchini recipe of the season......Ottolenghi's gorgeous zucchini and hazelnut salad.

He recommends using a grill pan, and not an outdoor grill, because the zucchini will burn, so I used my favorite grill pan and the results were excellent.

Hazelnut oil is easy to find (I found it at Home Goods!), but if you can't find it, then use walnut oil or another flavored oil.

It was 90F degrees this past weekend, so this was still in fashion.

Zucchini & Hazelnut Salad (adapted from PLENTY): serves 4

4 zucchini, sliced on an angle, about 3/8" thick
olive oil
kosher salt & pepper
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup toasted hazelnuts, smashed with the back of a knife
handful of green and purple basil leaves
slices of GOOD Parmigiano Reggiano
hazelnut oil

Place the sliced zucchini in a bowl and drizzle with regular olive oil. Season liberally with kosher salt and pepper.

Place in a hot grill pan and grill for 2 minutes on each side, till nice grill marks appear.

Place the hot zucchini in a mixing bowl and drizzle w/ the balsamic vinegar. Let cool

Once cool, add the toasted hazelnuts and basil leaves and mix.

Lay on a flat plate and drizzle with hazelnut oil and slices of the cheese.

Serve room temperature with some nice garlic bread.


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Ciao Chow Linda said…
Ottolenghi's recipes are a favorite and this dish shows why - beautiful flavors, beautiful presentation. I will be making this. My only problem is buying that oil and then it sits around too long and gets rancid before I finish it. I need to keep it in the fridge next time I buy it.
Joanne said…
Sadly I guess I'll have to save this for next season! I'm going to miss those tomatoes and zukes.
Anonymous said…
Toasting nuts is a wonderful way to boost their flavor thru the roof! Yesterday's lunch - hummus garnished with chili sauce, slivered radish, chopped cilantro, and lots of well toasted almonds. The almonds made the dish so much more satisfying - delicious!
Oui Chef said…
Stacey, I think it was you who first turned me on to PLENTY, and now I am such a fan! Not surprised to see yet another fabulous recipe from that book. Very nice.
I like that you suggested room temperature, and of course, with garlic bread. Think I'll take it to a friend's house this weekend - if all the zucchini didn't freeze last night. Hazelnuts and garlic....hmmmm..
Nobody puts veggies together like Ottolenghi, and hes not even a vegetarian!