Paris: Around Town

I never get tired of looking at the Tour Eiffel, it's so beautiful lit up at night. The 7th arrondissement is where you have the best views.

We are fascinated with the shoe culture here. The men wear roach killers, these super pointy lace up dress shoes with business suits and jeans.

The best part of our trip is our evening snack.

Every neighborhood has a local baker (boulanger), who sells bread and pastry.

We buy a fresh baguette every morning for breakfast, then eat the rest at 5 pm with cheese and pate and some wine before going out for a late dinner.

If you are a vegetarian, gluten free or have high cholesterol, then Paris may not be the city for you.

The cheese, butter, eggs and bread are fresh and amazing.
I crave omelets and quiche for lunch everyday. They are simply the best.

I don't always order dessert, because I would much rather have a cheese course.
Fromage please!

We usually order a sampling of 5 cheeses, served with figs or prunes. Now you're talkin'.

What's in the Staub pot?

Duck confit with a big layer of whipped buttery potatoes (parmentier) on top.

Can you say Lipitor?

The Luxembourg Gardens is my favorite spot.
I can spend a whole day there just sitting in the park people watching. It's the best.

This lady takes her sun tanning seriously (as do I!).

Walking down each street is a feast for the eyes.
Each 19th century building is more opulent than the next and is rich with architectural details and history.

I love peeking thru the gates.

See you tomorrow. xo

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Alicia said…
Bring me some perfume back....please.
I love what your wearing.
I love reading your Paris posts. I look forward to your trip every year so I can live vicariously through you. Now does the suntanning lady know she is one of the features on your blog
mil said…
Lipitor is right!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oy...
What food!!! What sights!!!
What beauty! Have a safe flight.
with love,
Anonymous said…
Great photo of you - looking so happy! What shoes/sandals did you bring on your trip? I'm getting ready to hit Nordstrom's for my fall footwear and want stylish AND comfortable. I know you walk many a kilometer in Paris, any brands you recommend?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful trip, Stacey! Great posts! Beth
I Dream Of said…
Hi Stacey, So glad I found your blog through Sharon at French Country Home. Food? Antiques? A love of Paris? You seem like my kind of girl. Love your description of your days in Paris and visiting Sharon in Normandy! And I spy some gorgeous tomato recipes - will have to give some a whirl before they are gone for the season.
A la prochaine, Jeanne
Those omeletes look amazing and so does all that cheese!
What a trip, so much beauty all around, you fit right in Stace! (so does Hen!)
Kathy Walker said…
Love your posts! I will be in Paris at the end of October and can hardly wait....baguettes, cheese...yum!
Eileen said…
Thanks for the little injection of Paris into my life!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
How could I ever eat dinner with a snack of all those cheeses? And dessert. - how could i not give in to my sweet tooth? Want to know your secret for looking so fab after indulging in so much wonderful food. what a great trip you're having. said…
Magnificent! Will we be seeing Henri in roach slippers? Don't forget the mustard - Debby in Seattle
Christine said…
The cheese table is to die for! I too, would happily skip deserts for a spread like that especially with some pates thrown in. Oh and nothing like Parisian baguettes. Enjoy!
Mollie said…
Oh that cheese cart and I love the bread in France. Your trip is definitely a vicarious experience for the rest of us ! Please keep posting
Beautiful composition with the sun bathing lady....and peeking through gates. Guess you are your way home. Happy travels.....airline food must be humbling after this trip!
LG O'Connor said…
I've been enjoying my daily trips to Paris, see you when you are back!