Good Ideas: Fried Pasta & Eggs

I loved going to other kids' houses for lunch when I was growing up.

My Italian friends' moms always made fried pasta with the leftover spaghetti from the night before, and could turn leftovers into a whole 'nother dimension.

I could never understand this concept of frying pasta.

It was out of my comfort zone, yet I loved the taste of the crispy noodles with whatever sauce was left clinging to them. Sometimes they would fry the pasta with eggs for lunch, something my mother wouldn't think of doing.

Sorry mom, but your boring PBJ or grilled cheese just won't do. I will be home after lunch.

Finally, after all these years, I decided to channel the Italian American child in me.

I took last night's cavatelli w/ cherry tomatoes and basil and threw the whole lot in a hot cast iron skillet, with some olive oil.

Cooked the pasta until it was nice and crispy and had brown edges, about 5 minutes or so.
Penne, ziti or cavatelli works best.

Tossed in a few beaten eggs and cooked until the eggs were scrambled and set.
Grated in some fresh Parimigiano Reggiano, seasoned w/ salt and pepper and fresh parsley.

This was fantastic, a whole different meal than last night, and brought back great memories.


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The JR said…
Looks really good Stacey. Never heard of doing that to pasta before.
Susan..... said…
I make mac n cheese just to make this. I add ketchup because that was the way my Mom made it but I bet tomatoes would be good too. Now for a meatloaf for the sandwiches.
Angela said…
My mom always fried up leftover pasta the next day, and sometimes would add eggs for breakfast. SO GOOD! I forgot about this! Thanks Stacy!
Janice said…
I guess that's sort of the Italian American version of fried rice--kind of the same idea, no?
This is my favorite kind of leftover. (And not even from my Italian heritage; I just thought I was being smart!)
I could eat that for breakfast this morning! Loved you used cavatelli, must be that inner Italian American in you!
Oui Chef said…
Not just a good idea, but a brilliant one. Never thought of it, but it sounds fantastic, will have to try this one soon.
Oh Boy! Another reason to leave some pasta in the pot. I've had a baked Haitian pasta with eggs...but never thought of this. Right up my alley....thank you!!!!
Jonny said…
My mother-in-law is as South Philly Italian as they come, except that she is a lousy and very reluctant cook. If there's a meal she excels at though, it's breakfast, and many are the times that fried spaghetti with eggs and scrapple have greeted us in the morning, and it's awesome, so bravo to you.

She also has a marvelous trick with re-activating stale bread into what she calls "bischcoits". I've never come across these anywhere else though.
Dana said…
Fantastic idea. I always have leftovers when I make pasta and I never think they taste as good heated up. This is like a much easier and less fussy frittata. Love it.