Confit de Canard w/ Duck Fat Potatoes!

All over Paris, stores sell confit de canard in cans.

Duck confit is the leg of the duck that has been preserved in duck fat, and I always sneak a few cans home in my luggage, so when we come home I can make a Frenchy style weeknight meal.

This is so simple (since I am not preserving the duck myself) and these are the best potatoes you will ever eat, and just some words of encouragement: frying the potatoes in duck fat is no worse than using vegetable oil, and it's all natural (unlike modified oils), so don't be scared, it's not like we eat it every night.

You can fry the duck in a skillet, or bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 400F, and the same goes for the potatoes (baking vs. frying: no mess on the stove).

Remove the fat from the duck legs and heat it in a skillet until melted.

Slice up some Yukon golds (not too thin or they'll turn into potato chips!) and toss with the reserved duck fat in the pan for a minute.

Season the potatoes with kosher salt, pepper and thyme and transfer the potatoes to a baking sheet. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 400F, turning them once with a spatula.

Open a bottle of Bourdeaux, serve with some garlicky green beans (haricot verts would be the best choice) and pretend you are still in Paris.

PS sorry for the lousy photos, it is getting darker earlier now and my studio lighting (the kitchen window) just isn't up to par.

Bon Appetit!

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Katie C. said…
Have you ever found the confit de canard here in the US?
Ciao Chow Linda said…
First of all, don't apologize for the photos - they're not lousy at all. Second, I agree with you on the duck fat for potatoes - delish! Third, I must expand my duck eating. I've cooked whole ducks and just the breasts, but steer away from eating the legs. You're giving me the incentive I need to bring some duck confit back home on my next trip to France.
Oui Chef said…
If I were given the choice of what my final meal on earth would be, this would be it! This is perfect soul food....period!
SarahB said…
Pictures look good! As does the meal!! Did you bring the bordeaux home with you too?
Stacey Snacks said…
You can find the confit de canard in cans, however the duck is from Canada. The US does not allow duck into the states from France for some reason. Same goes for foie gras. It's all from Canada. I'm sure it is just as good!
Christine said…
I haven't had duck in ages. Now I really want some! How great to get it "imported" from France :)
I have some duck legs in my freezer which you reminded me that I have to cook. Looks delicious!
Eileen said…
Confit de Canard is my daughter's favorite meal. Our friends in Germany got us hooked. They load up on it when they go to Provence.
Jonny said…
how coincidental! Amy was literally confiting four duck legs yesterday also. Since you've gone and stolen our thunder, we'll have to revisit our plans for eating them now. So much for great minds thinking alike!

sarartbox said…
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FYI, the brand we sell is (of course the best) and called "Reflets de France" :)

Best Regards,