Buvette NYC

Another new place for me to love in NYC.

Once again, if anyone in New Jersey is listening, can you PLEASE open up a nice little bistro restaurant osteria that serves amazing food in a charming environment, preferably with a garden please, and an interesting wine list (no crappy cheap Chardonnay) and a vibe?

Did I say please?

I will be your best friend forever, and I will eat there twice a week. I promise.

This way I won't have to drive the 20 miles into Manhattan, sit in traffic, pay $15. in tolls and stress about a parking spot.

I know it won't happen, but one can dream.

Buvette, which means "refreshment stand" in French is that place that I am talking about.

I have been to chef Jody Williams' other restaurants in the West Village, but this one takes the cake.

It is located on my favorite street in NYC, Grove Street, in the West Village, full of history and beautiful buildings and trees (yes, I said trees).

The care and love that goes into just printing the beautiful paper menus and wine list (which is for sale for $27, it's a little booklet) and the oh so lovely local ingredients make me very happy.

Buvette has a mix of Italian style light bites, as well as tapas items and in-house made French pâtés, cheeses and charcuterie. The wine list is all French and Italian, and doesn't break the bank. Their cocktails are interesting and special, they make a Bee's Knees w/ California gin and local Catskills honey.....yum.

They have a charming garden in the back when NYC weather permits and a terrific counter to sit at, as well as little tables to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We recently went for a Sunday dinner and had the tartinette w/ anchovies, butter and caper berries. Hello.

Next course was the haricot verts w/ a tarragon pesto and potatoes, along with the most amazing Brandade de Morue (salt cod spread that comes in a jar with toasts). Hello again and I love you.

We shared the lovely coq au vin in a small Staub pot and even though it was still a hot humid summer September night, it just felt right.

The tiny kitchen only produces 2 desserts. A fabulous chocolate mousse and a classic tarte tatin with creme fraiche. I would get one of each if I were you, and we did.

This was the perfect kickoff to our week in Paris eating tomorrow!

Bon Appetit!

42 Grove Street

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mil said…
Bon jour Madame,

Perhaps it is warmer in gay Paree than it is here in Bridgewater but whatever the weather you will love it.

This new discovery looks and sounds fantastic and so does Smiling Henry. Wow!
Bethany said…
Love this post, thank you!
Anonymous said…
I'm SO jealous - have a wonderful trip! Beth
Stacey and Henry...

Buvette looks like a great place.

Have a wonderful week in Paris and the French countryside.

Mollie said…
I wish there was a restaurant like this in my area.
NY Wolve said…
Buvette is awesome. When we went there the Aligot were a special. Creamy cheesy mashed potatoes on baguette with a slice of prosciutto o. Top. Just amazing.
What a lovely post! Have a great trip and bring back lots of great pictures and stories.
Beth said…
Stacey, I just said the same thing to my friend last night -- why can't NJ have decent restaurants? You go to even the smallest of towns with better restaurants!
Marie said…
We are spoiled for restaurants on this side of the river - I am very surprised that your hood falls short. I don't know Buvette - anyone that serves anchovies like this deserves a visit :-)