Bon Cuisine & Le Cordon Bleu

So what else do you do Stacey, besides eat and drink while in Paris?

Not much, to be honest.

But yesterday, we had the great pleasure of having a personal tour of Le Cordon Bleu, the famous Parisian cooking school. I know you're jealous, and I don't blame you.

Madame Sandra Messier, the director of communications of Le Cordon Bleu took us on a personal tour of the school, letting us sit in with chefs during classes! We got to see pastry technique class, a fish class, as well as a patisserie class. It was fantastic (sorry, they would not allow photos) and it makes me want to go back to school!

Did you know Giada DeLaurentis attended Le Cordon Bleu? Now you know.

After school, we were taken to Le Belisaire, a fantastic little neighborhood restaurant in the 15th arrondisement.

Chef Matthieu Garrel greeted us with bisous (kisses) and jokes, then cooked us a fantastic lunch.

Everyone at this homey restaurant was warm and friendly.

There are no tourists in this place, but it is worth seeking out.

The chef's menu is based on the daily market (marché) and he only serves what is in season.

We started with a fantastic avocado tartare with shrimp.

A ravioli stuffed with langoustines and leeks. Hello!

A gorgeous roasted white fish on risotto, and a beautiful salade of girolles, which are a variety of golden yellow chanterelle mushrooms which are in season now, paired with ham from Bayonne and a poached egg on top, with croutons in a coriander dressing. Amazing.

We finished our meal with a beautiful creme brulee.

I am still full from yesterday's lunch!

A big thank you to Sandra and Chef Matthieu for making our day a wonderful experience!



Le Belisaire
2 rue Marmontel
75015 Paris
Tel: 01 48 28 62 24

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It's getting better and better by the day Stacey. A tour of Cordon Bleu...ooh, la, la. I've heard Giada mention her time there. Now you've been too.

Great photo of you looking all Parisian with Sandra and the Chef.
Anonymous said…
Is the school the same little rabbit warren that it was when Julia Child was there?
mil said…
My dear Dil,

What a pleasure it is every morning to read your blog and smile, drool, and smile again.
Wonderful experiences for both of you to treasure forever. This is A TRIP!!!!!!!!
with love,
Soooo jealous, but extremely happy for you! xox
Oui Chef said… old stomping grounds, how fun! Sandra was there back when I was a student as well, she had longer hair back then though. Glad you made the time to check it out, lots of history there. When do we get to read about your experience of eating an "Ispahan"?
Anonymous said…
I'm popping a sympathy alka seltzer for you back here in New Jersey. That lunch would be the end of me. Tell all your fans, Ms. Snacks - do blondes really have more fun? I'm digging the butterscotch locks!
Kathy Walker said…
What an opportunity! Your lunch sounds fabulous..I wouldn't have to eat for a few days after that!! I appreciate getting to read about your experiences. Thank you.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Now THAT is a day to savor. What a great experience you had Stacey. That lunch looks fantastic. You are a planner par excellence! I need you to map out my next trip to France!
Christine said…
This has been so wonderful to experience so many great adventures with you! I've truly enjoyed all your posts and photos and appreciate you sharing them.
James said…
What a FABULOUS meal!!! That ravioli looked amazing...

Thanks for the great updates!!!
SarahB said…
It seems I am not alone in my love of your Paris posts! Oh what a wonderful time of year! And I agree, the butterscotch locks look great. I don't want the trip to end....
Can't even comment....just all is over the top. Food, pictures, food! And how do you get to travel with such a gorgeous white shirt, and with cuffs no less? Inspiring!
Oh to heck with cholesterol! One should die happy! The entire post, this and the newest I read to my Husband and then he declared that what we had planned for dinner was probably not enough.....The Cordon Bleu! The restaurant had fabulous food!
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!